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Elite VI slimming underwear

Elite VI slimming underwear

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Slimming underwear can be a godsend for freshly baked mothers who have not yet lost their extra curves and want to present themselves beautifully in a tight dress or put on your favorite pants. It can be, if you choose well. Mitex Elite VI is not the best choice.

Of course, you can start a discussion here that everything will change slowly and over time. You can also write that "more feminine" shapes are the norm after pregnancy and should not be too much ahead of nature. These comments will be true, but they will not contribute much. They miss the point when we remember the time when you didn't have to worry about the protruding tummy. They will also become unimportant when we want to do something just for ourselves and feel special. Sometimes you just have to act in a non-standard way to improve your appearance.

Mitex Elite VI shorts are available in several practical colors: white, beige, shades of brown and beige. As the manufacturer emphasizes, they are pleasant to the touch and are proposed as a seamless product that adheres perfectly to the body, ensuring discretion - this cannot be denied. However, where the manufacturer writes about the fact that shorts "will perfectly slim your figure, providing an attractive look. Correctly flatten the stomach and hips, emphasize the waist line, raise the buttocks, slim thighs "- already passes the truth.

Underwear, for which you have to pay an average of 60 zlotys, does not slim the belly, thighs, does not give any effect except putting delicate material on the body. You might as well not wear it at all, because we will get the same effect when wearing standard underwear.

Better results in terms of slimming the waist will give us cheap slimming underwear, which we get at the supermarket. Already at a price of about 15-20 PLN you can buy shorts (admittedly not seamless), which will give the effect of improving the appearance of your figure and ensure a better mood for the whole day. Unfortunately, with the simultaneous deterioration of wearing quality - caused by pressure of the material.