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How to teach a child order?

How to teach a child order?

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Children like order by nature, and although it seems unbelievable to us when we look at a toddler's room while playing, these are the facts.

The youngest feel from an early age safely in a world where everything has its place. Organizing everyday mental experiences and images gives them the peace they need in a world full of turmoil. This is why two-year-olds protest with time not against dressing in this order or putting the blanket on the "less favorite side" ...

When does a child become sensitive to order?

Maria Montessori, the creator of the upbringing method called the Montessori method, notes that the period of sensitivity to order begins in the child in the middle of the first year of life. A well-known Italian doctor suggests that the little ones react to the mess during this period in the way they can: by crying. He comments: parents often take the need for ordering to be fussy. Therefore, the theory that the child does not completely distinguish between order and clutter is not true.

I'm ordering reality

Isabelle Filliozat in her book "I've tried everything", over which the portal took patronage, writes: "when the child is eighteen months old, he begins to put trinkets in his place. For two-year-olds, the appearance of mental images is a great novelty. The outside world must look like what it sees in its head, or ... chaos reigns! So, every thing and every person should be in place. Everything is to be put in order! "

Two-year-old and order or maybe a mess?

Have more during the second birthday, the child prefers a specific order of activities and a specific mode of action. That is why I often want to eat one and the same spoon, wear pants, and only then socks or vice versa. When something happens in turn or "out of his mind", he screams, protests, cries, as if the world has just ceased to exist. That is why rituals and certain patterns of behavior are so important for a child. They allow us to adapt certain principles to his inner world, reflect his "I" in the outer world.

When to start teaching the child?

The sooner the better. However, the border seems to be two or three years old. After this period, learning through play can be much more difficult and time consuming.