Two year old baby. Baby development month by month

Two year old baby. Baby development month by month

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What most attracts the attention of parents during this stage is the rebellion that the baby acquires. It is a festival of 'I don't want', 'I don't like it' and 'I'm not going'. As a result, some babies may start having terrible tantrums.

Every day they improve in their movements, they already manage to remove the lids from the jars, play with construction pieces, dress and undress their dolls, cut their hair, in short, a whole image wash!

How much the baby has grown! At two years of age, the average weight of the baby is 12.9 kilograms and its height is 88 centimeters if it is a boy. While if she is a girl, her average percentile is 12.4 kilograms and 86 centimeters. A huge growth for a baby that a few months ago could fit in our arms.

At this age, goodbye diapers! Every day we see how our little ones are more independent and get older. They love to play, although not so much sharing their toys with others.

Children they are more possessive and - it's mine - becomes her fetish word. However, you also have to be careful with the aggressive behavior that this can arouse in some children, who even hit others if they take something of theirs.

Apart from that, the baby feels an enormous desire to go up and down stairs, thus strengthening his muscles. Balloons and balls are two of the instruments that little ones like the most, although in short ... anything that can be used to launch it into the air!

The child must acquire good table habits from the beginning. Seating him with the rest of the family and encouraging him to eat will only be beneficial for this.

If the child does not want to eat, do not offer alternative foods, just remove the plate. You should not snack between meals as it will take away your appetite. A balanced and varied diet that includes all the food groups is ideal.

At that age, the baby will be and will feel able tospeak numerous and varied words. Alreadywill sing whole songs, they will recognize basic colors, they like the alphabet and they will count to at least ten.

They also know how to say his name perfectly and will tell his parents everything he learns in kindergarten. They will also answer questions and speak enthusiastically.

You still can't control your emotions. If the child loses control because he cannot bear to be upset, do not do the same, you are the adult and you must control the situation, since the child is just beginning to show his character and although he seems to know what he is doing, he does not is the case. You have to give him a little bit of attention, but without reproaching him, let him draw his own conclusions.

However, in no way should you give in to their demands, so that he does not feel rewarded. If for every thing the child does he receives a prize, he will get used to receiving it.

It is time to set limits wisely and safely. The education you receive now will be vital to your evolution tomorrow.

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