The most popular names in Mexico for girls

The most popular names in Mexico for girls

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Although many factors influence when naming the baby, Mexican girls follow a trend of delicate names that highlight the beauty and strength in their meanings. Although in Mexico, families are also guided by tradition when choosing the name of their girl.

Thus, the top positions of the frequent names for girls in Mexico are occupied by a variety of delicious names that rub shoulders with other names of a profound Religious tradition where the obligatory names of Guadalupe and María could not be absent.

1. Alejandra. It is one of the most beautiful names for girls with a Greek origin and in whose meaning we find great strength and courage. Perhaps that is why Mexican families have raised Alejandra to the top of the list of frequent names. And it is that this name is a guarantee for any girl.

2. Gabriela. We find a Hebrew origin for this girl's name that has a delicacy like few others. Without a doubt, Gabriela is one of the girl's names preferred by Mexican families for decades for her musicality and that sweetness that she gives off. Furthermore, despite its frequent use, the name has not lost its freshness.

3. Mariana. It is a name of Latin origin that was formed in its day as a derivative of another frequent and proper name, María. Mariana acquires its own personality over time to become one of the most popular girl names in Mexico, due to that conjunction between tradition and originality.

4. Maria Carmen. This compound name combines the Hebrew origin of Maria with the Latin origin of Carmen. Both names are strong enough to go separately, but together they form one of the most beautiful names for a girl that is a true song of love.

5. Maria Guadalupe. The Hebrew origin of the omnipresent María is joined by the Arabic origin of Guadalupe, forming one of the most frequent compound names for girls in Mexico. The adoration that all Mexico has of the Virgin of Guadalupe is known throughout the world and has a long tradition that has crossed borders.

6. Adriana. The name Adriana has a Latin origin that exudes beauty and sensuality, perhaps because its meaning is related to the attraction of the sea. Mexican families long ago made this name one of the most popular for their girls.

7. Maria Fernanda. This name combines the Hebrew origin of Maria with the Germanic origin of Fernanda. It is a compound name for a girl that Mexican families like for its traditional and familiar flavor. It is an old name that has been revitalized thanks to the popularity that today's girls have given it.

8. Daniela. It is a name of Hebrew origin that has a special musicality. There are many Mexican personalities that bear the name Daniela and that has influenced to make it one of the frequent names. Without a doubt, the choice of Daniela is a safe bet for any girl.

9. Veronica. The Greek origin serves to reinforce the beauty of this name whose meaning is linked to victory. It may be for this reason that Mexican families have raised him on the list of frequent names, making him one of those names that exude charisma and strength.

10. Monica. The name Monica has a Greek origin and a meaning that highlights the personal and exclusive character of your girl. It is a name that has long enjoyed great popularity and that provides a traditional flavor without being worn out by use.

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