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Breastfeeding Tips Videos

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Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best food for the newborn. However, it is not always an easy path for the mother. Breastfeeding can come with complications and many doubts.

The matron Sara cañamero responds to all of them and offers us useful advice so that breastfeeding becomes a pleasant and natural way of feeding our baby.

What is the best position to breastfeed my baby? What if I don't get enough milk? What if cracks appear in the nipple? Can two babies be breastfed at the same time? Discover all the answers to your questions about breastfeeding and learn to solve all the problems that may arise.

Tips for new mothers. Midwife Sara Cañamero offers us some advice on breastfeeding for new mothers. What will that first time be like? Helpful tips on breastfeeding.

Benefits of breastfeeding for the baby. What benefits breastfeeding brings to the baby. Why is breast milk so good for the newborn. What are the advantages of breastfeeding for the baby.

Benefits for the mother of breastfeeding. Midwife Sara Cañamero tells us about the physical advantages for the mother of opting for breastfeeding. Advantages that affect your physical recovery after childbirth and long-term protection from some diseases.

Position of the crib to breastfeed the baby. In this video we show you how you should sit correctly to breastfeed the baby using the most classic position, the position of the crib. Explanatory video of the midwife Sara Cañamero.

Can you breastfeed twins? Midwife Sara Cañamero talks about tandem breastfeeding or breastfeeding more than one baby. Can twins or twins be breastfed?

Breast engorgement in lactation. The problem of breast engorgement during breastfeeding. Causes and solutions for breast engorgement without stopping breastfeeding.

Three-week lactation crisis. What is a lactation crisis. How is the first lactation crisis. When the first lactation crisis arrives. What to do before the lactation crisis of 3 weeks.

Three-month lactation crisis. What is the three-month lactation crisis. How the three-month lactation crisis affects the baby and the mother. Advice from midwife Sara Cañamero on breastfeeding.

Lactation crisis at 6 weeks. At 6 weeks of age, the baby may have a lactation crisis and reject the breast. On our site we tell you why it occurs and how we can overcome it so that the baby continues to feed on breast milk.

How to make more breast milk. How to make more milk to breastfeed your baby. Midwife Sara Cañamero gives us some tips to increase milk production during breastfeeding. How to get more breast milk.

Contraindications to breastfeeding. In which cases can I not breastfeed the baby? Midwife Sara Cañamero reviews all the cases (which are rare) in which the mother has to give up breastfeeding.

Foods that alter the taste of breast milk. Some foods can change the taste of breast milk. Midwife Sara Cañamero explains what these foods are and what mothers should do about them.

Breastfeeding after returning to work. How to continue breastfeeding after maternity leave, if the mother decides to return to work. Midwife Sara Cañamero explains what to do with breastfeeding when the mother returns to work after maternity leave.

Exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months. How to maintain exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months of the baby. WHO recommends feeding the baby exclusively breast milk up to 6 months. Midwife Sara Cañamero gives us some advice in this regard.

Causes of weaning the baby. Who decides when it is time to wean. What are the symptoms that indicate that it is time to wean the baby. Midwife Sara Cañamero answers our questions.

How to start the weaning stage. The midwife Sara Cañamero gives us some advice to wean the baby. How should be the weaning of the baby. How to say goodbye to breastfeeding gradually.

Cracks during lactation. Cracks in the nipple are one of the most painful discomforts during breastfeeding. Midwife Sara Cañamero explains why cracks appear on the nipple and what they do to prevent it.

Mastitis during lactation. The midwife Sara Cañamero explains what mastitis is, how to detect it early and what treatment is for mastitis. Tips for breastfeeding moms with mastitis problems.

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