A healthier and more active routine for children

A healthier and more active routine for children

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In other times, parents were not so aware that their children did more physical exercise or that they played sports. Nor were there as many obese children as today. The children walked home from school, and almost always played in the street, in the parks, climbed trees ... and that was the universe of children, where video games, the Internet and television did not exist.

Children were rarely driven by their parents. Movement was a normal part of our lives. Today everything has to be planned for life to move on. Time is short and the lack of security leads us to overprotect our children. Because of this, in many homes, everything usually happens behind the scenes. If your child is among those who are constantly watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games, he may be a serious candidate for obesity, as well as other health problems.

In order to avoid this situation in some way, we suggest some strategies to get children moving, so that everyone enjoys a healthier and more active routine:

1. Instill physical exercise in your children's lives

It is not about imposing or forcing him to do it, but it is about encouraging him to do it, through motivation and example. A healthy boy can burn up to 400 extra calories a day, if he eats healthy and does not lead a sedentary life. For example, one of the best exercises is walking. If you can pick up your child from school and walk home with him, it's a good idea. If this is not possible, after school, park your car on the sidewalk and invite your child to play 15 minutes in the park. Playing outside is a good habit to be learned.

2. Eat healthy

It is not about making children eat a lot, the important thing is not the quantity but the quality of the food. Children need a balanced diet that contains vegetables, fruit, meat ... a little of everything.

3. Do something together, parents and children

Being together, even for half an hour, is a habit that should be prioritized in a family. Parents and children can share a table for breakfast or lunch or dinner; they can share a game, a walk ... prepare a meal together, watch a movie, read a book every night, or just chat about what they have done during this day.

Children who lead healthier lives will be preventing cardiovascular problems, improving their coordination, mood, and their vision of the family.

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