Phaedrus fable for children. The Fox and the Raven

Phaedrus fable for children. The Fox and the Raven

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In You can find a lot of fables, legends or children's stories that will surely help you educate your children. With 'The Fox and the Raven' children will learn a valuable lesson.

Isn't it one of the biggest fears of parents that our children listen to a stranger? With this simple and short fable, the little ones will learn to distrust the beautiful words of others.

Like a raven a stolen cheese would like to eat from a window, sitting in a tall tree, a fox envied him, then he began to speak: "Oh how it is, crow, the shine of your feathers! What great beauty you carry in your body and on your face! If you had a voice, there would be no superior bird. "

And he, while he also wants his voice to show, released the cheese from his open mouth; quickly the cunning vixen snatched it up with her hungry teeth.

Only then did the raven moan, mocked at his stupidity.

Moral:Those who rejoice at being praised for deceitful words, suffer, late, punishments of shameful penance.

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