How to motivate the child in work and effort

How to motivate the child in work and effort

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Some of the deficiencies observed in new generations are willpower and effort. Messages are commonly heard about the importance of strive to achieve the proposed goals in life. However, the consumer and welfare society in which we live transmits subliminal ideas in the opposite direction.

The messages we receive invite us to think that quality of life can be achieved without work, hence children grow up without developing the capacity for effort that helps them face the challenges and difficulties that life poses. For this reason, Aurora from the church of 'Tv for parents' explains the importance of encouraging and motivating children to work and effort.

Today more than ever it is necessary to promote the capacity of self-control of children so that they are able to endure the efforts that life in society demands. Many parents make mistakes when they take their children away from the difficulties they had to overcome in their childhood. This leads to being overprotective and offering them a comfortable life where everything is done, causing them to become insecure and capricious adults in the future.

Willpower and effort must be trained day by day turning behaviors into habits, which will significantly decrease the sensation of effort. When the child is able to understand why he should do something and is motivated to do it, the habit of work and effort becomes a positive value for him that will fill him with pride in the future.

Nor should we fall into the error of the demand for imposition. Parents must demand from the children but without forcing or. Through an adequate demand, parents can awaken the child's capacity for work and effort while stimulating values ​​such as willpower, perseverance, responsibility or perseverance.

If the child is able to understand it, demand becomes motivationHowever, the imposition of an adult demand or the threat and fear of the consequences of non-compliance do not generate any motivation for the child or promote his willingness to make an effort. Parents must accompany and help the child in his learning, hence, parents must be the first to educate by example.

Source consulted: Tv for parents - AMEI

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