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Mistakes that are hard to forgive: DeAgostini "Mickey Mouse Friends Club"

Mistakes that are hard to forgive: DeAgostini "Mickey Mouse Friends Club"

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I understand everything: all mistakes cannot be avoided. That is why I received the previous issues of DeAgostini's "Mickey Mouse Friends Club" with understanding.

Punctuation mistakes, even typos I am able to forgive (after all, I am not free from them), although it must be admitted that in a publishing house that is measuring the launch of a series of books and DVDs with the adventures of a charming mouse, they could be avoided. Especially because of the ambitious goal of the series: namely the desire to teach children new words and expressions.

However, I definitely can't understand spelling mistakes that hit the eyes. Besides, rate for yourself ...

The series of books and DVDs is loved by our daughter. Just like the character of a little mouse dancing, singing with friends and experiencing various adventures. I am not surprised ... although the books themselves, adventures of Disney heroes, dialogues are not top-flight.

This is especially visible in the case of booklets: in which the sentences written are far from the level of classic children's poems. Not all stories have a clear moral, some tell about such "obviousness" that it is difficult to guess what the purpose of their author was.

The most striking thing, however, is the sloppy publishing, that is, failure to observe the level of the presented product. Such an error as in the photo below ("fresh") just hard not to notice ... (double click to enlarge)

You can forgive the lack of a comma after the "air", but such a spelling error is simply unforgivable. Even in the booklet for children who can not read yet!

And you, you often deal with spelling mistakes in children's editions?