The crow and the turkey. Iriarte's Fables for Children

The crow and the turkey. Iriarte's Fables for Children

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'The Raven and the Turkey' is part of Iriarte's extensive collection of fables that has collected. Thanks to stories, legends and fables we can give our children valuable life lessons.

Nobody likes to lose, but in defeat you can see who the real athlete is. Throughout our lives we suffer many failures, but we must accept them with sportsmanship and congratulate the winner. If you are very far from this, perhaps this little children's story can help you.

Well as I say, it is the case,

and it is related in this story,

that to fly they challenged

a turkey and a crow.

At the appointed term,

Which came first?

Consider who of both

have seen the flight.

Wait, said the turkey

to the crow from afar:

Do you know what I am thinking?

That you are black and very ugly.

Listen: I also repair,

he yelled louder,

in that you are a bird

very bad omen.

Quit there, you are disgusting,

great pig!

Yes, what do you have for a gift

eat dead bodies.

All this is beside the point,

the raven replies;

because here we only try

to see how about flight.

If in the works of the wise

finds no defects,

against the person charges,

usually do the fool.

Moral: Citing is about noting the defects of a work, the personal of its author should not be censored.

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