Parental control on the Internet. How to protect your child online

Parental control on the Internet. How to protect your child online

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New technologies are already part of our lives and that of our children. Faced with the increasingly frequent problems suffered by children and adolescents due to improper use of the Internet, we wonder what we parents can do to protect the physical and emotional integrity of the little ones. The parental controls they can help us make our children safer on the Internet.

Parental controls are an option that comes to us from the network itself through which we can filter content In Internet. In this way we can restrict certain pages of violent or sexual content so that our children cannot access them even casually. These parental controls also have the possibility to limit the time that children spend on the Internet, as well as to control which pages they have visited, whether they have made a purchase or the chats they have entered.

Almost all operating systems have some of these parental control tools, we just have to look for the one that best suits age of our children. But the problem of the safety of minors on the Internet persists if, over time, our children know better than we how to operate the computer. Generational problems are lurking in the use of new technologies because our children will outgrow us before we know it.

Controlling the use that our children make of the Internet is still difficult and other measures must be adopted in addition to these parental control tools. Most experts advise that the computer be in a common area of ​​the house and not in the child's room and that we know at all times if he is using it as a study aid or as a leisure instrument. To some extent, computer use can be controlled or monitored, but what about mobile devices?

We must consider the possibility that our children's use of the Internet is getting out of hand, due to more controls, filters, revised search histories and time limits that we impose. So the best parental control tool to protect our children is The education. To educate our children in healthy use of the Internet, we must first have educated ourselves.

It is always a good idea to spend time on the Internet with our children, who observe and imitate what we do, explain with examples the precautions they should take in social media regarding the data they provide, without frightening, but making them participants of reality. Because if the risk of bullying and scam is present even for adults, children have even more risks. The key to Internet safety is knowing what you are doing and the possible consequences. As always, the knowledge it is the best protection tool.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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