The gluttonous child

The gluttonous child

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While most moms worry when their child doesn't want to eat, a somewhat smaller group is made up of moms who are concerned about their child's gluttony.

Do you know any baby or child who is always ready to eat, who enjoys and licks when his puree or food is close by and who interrupts any fun at the sight of a plate of food?

By gluttonous child I do not mean the one who eats well or has a sweet tooth (the one who guards his sweets as a treasure) or who likes nothing more than unhealthy food and that can lead to obesity, but the child who he likes to eat, he eats everything, and he is greedy by nature, he dares with all foods, he savors and enjoys everything when he eats. He who from a very young age has a natural inclination and weakness for food, he who looks at us dissatisfied after having eaten his portion and who tends to eat more than he needs.

According to a friend told me, her brother was a gluttonous child, when he went to a birthday, his priority was to eat and try all the types of food that were there. While all the other children played and ignored the food, this little 5-year-old sat by the table enjoying the contemplation of the delicacies on display and ate as much as he could, he only attended the games once his tummy was full, still Now that he is an adult, he continues to maintain that taste for food when meeting other people.

Having a child with this natural tendency, undoubtedly, needs supervision from their parents, as is the case with the other extreme, the child who never wants to eat and who is an obligation for him to do so. Extremes are always bad, in one case it can lead to malnutrition and in the other to overweight or obesity.

The amount of food that children can eat is relative, since it depends on age, exercise, constitution, specific need and the personality of each child, but learning good eating habits such as the variety and quality of the food choices, the right amount within a range, and the education in controlling possible disordered urges for eating are on us.

In cases where the child has a 'good tooth', it is essential to offer them nutritious foods that do not involve an excessive intake of fats or sugars and, at the same time, we could reduce their anxiety by offering them a greater number of meals, but less quantity of food in them, in such a way that the count of all of them does not exceed an excessive amount of food for the child.

Patro Gabaldon.

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