The peculiar gait of babies

The peculiar gait of babies

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I believe that the first steps of a baby are not indifferent to anyone, absolutely no one can avoid a smile or be conquered by this little walker who takes his first steps staggering to the sides, reckless and with a face between emotion and fear.

Almost all babies begin by clinging to furniture and walking small distances, then when they manage to travel a reasonable distance, they do not believe it or they, the emotion overwhelms them. Many others alternate the insecurity of the first steps with the dexterity and speed of their crawling. It is curious that starting to walk, despite being common in all babies, over time each one does it in their own way.

Many have a peculiar way of walking that is normally determined by their anatomy, so we find the typical "cowboy", the one who walks with bowed legs and without the horse between his legs, the one who constantly stumbles because he places his feet awkwardly, the dancer who walks through the house on tiptoe as if he were a forest fairy, the one who, when stumbling, falls rolling like a ball or the one who places his head before his hands.

Some of these peculiar gait are determined by small alterations in the hips, legs, ankles or feet that are quite common in babies and young children and that resolve over time, for example, genu valgus or knees together (legs in "x ") or, on the contrary, legs bowed outwards, hip anteversion whereby the child walks with his feet inwards.

Alterations in the skeletal anatomy of young children rarely need treatment, since they are corrected over time, but we must prevent them from adopting or maintaining bad positions over time when walking or sitting. When my daughter was two years old, she walked with bowed shins and feet turned inward, and the doctor recommended that when she sat on the floor, she should do so with her legs crossed forward and never with her legs back. Now, her legs are perfectly straight and she walks gracefully.

Patro Gabaldon.

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