Cheetah spots. African legend for kids

Cheetah spots. African legend for kids

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Nature is full of mysteries that arouse the curiosity of children. Why is snow white? Why does the moon change shape? Why do the stars blink?

In this case, we find a beautiful african legend which tries to explain why cheetahs have spots on their skin. In addition, the legend conveys the importance of the value of respect. Do you want to hear it?

There is an African legend that tells how the cheetah got its characteristic stains known as 'tear stains', as these stains seem to spill from his eyes. Legend has it that a cheetah mother, believing that her cubs had been stolen by an unscrupulous hunter, decided to abandon the prey she had just found to search for them.

The mother cheetah looked for them and looked for them. Meanwhile, the hunter stole the prey that the cheetah had hunted with great effort. Upon arrival, he discovered that they had run out of food. In addition, her cubs still did not appear. The cheetah cried so much that its tears were creating stains on its skin.

But in the end, after so much crying, the cubs were recovered and later the cheetah learned that the hunter was punished by other humans for his bad arts by stealing and taking advantage of others.

The cheetah's tears became a reminder that the sacred traditions of hunting must prevail, making the cheetah a symbol of honor and respect.

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