How to interpret a child's drawing of his family

How to interpret a child's drawing of his family

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The drawings that children make speak a lot about their personality, their mood or how they see the world. The lines, the colors or the position of the objects, also give us clues about how they feel.

In We suggest the following exercise: ask your child to draw his family and we will help you interpret the drawing. We will tell you how he feels within the family nucleus, with whom he is most attached or even if he feels jealous of a brother.

The drawing that a child makes of his family expresses a lot about what role he plays and what relationship he has with the other members. Before analyzing the drawing, it is important not to take into account whether it is a well-done drawing or not, since according to its evolutionary stage, it will have more or less skill, and even the innate capacity of each one for drawing is also important. We will pay attention to the following features:

- Drawing process: the order in which he draws family members indicates the level of affection or importance to him. If a character costs you a lot or you delete it to do it again, you may feel a conflict with that person. If you have a hard time starting to draw, you may feel some blockage at that moment or some disgust.

- Size: It is considered that the child lives a normal family situation when the size of the painting is normal, not disproportionate, when it does not erase and repaints constantly, when the pressure is just right or when the line is continuous. If this is not met, it is possible that the child is not comfortable for some reason. It is also normal for you to paint the person you consider most important bigger.

- Situation: It is important to look at the position that each of the members occupy in the plane. The normal thing is that the child draws between the parents, if it is not like that and is separated, it is possible that he feels that he does not receive enough attention. You may be jealous of your brother if you paint him away from other members.

- Details: If the hands are missing in the drawing in some or all of the characters, when the child is already able to draw well, it indicates a lack of affectivity. It is important to see if the characters are smiling, sad or angry, because it also reveals information about the child's mood or how he sees his family.

- Omissions: Sometimes, deliberately, they do not include a member in the drawing. Generally, it is siblings and is determined by jealousy, but it could omit a father figure due to some conflict.

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