How to get children back into the routine after the holidays

How to get children back into the routine after the holidays

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Holidays, for children, are synonymous with freedom, untimely naps, eternal days. Vacation also means staying up late, eating late, having a snack almost at dinner time. Escape the routine. Receive whims at lunchtime. Play, play and play.

But vacations are not eternal and before they are over and the children disembark again in the strict routines of school, it is convenient to include a short adaptation period. Because it costs us all, adults included, to wake up suddenly from a wonderful dream.

The best thing, before school starts again, is to prepare the children mentally and also change your routines with schedules. No more going to bed at 12 at night and getting up at 10 in the morning. No more eating at four in the afternoon and waking up from a nap at six. The holidays are over. The sooner children become aware that they have to say goodbye to the holidays, the less they will suffer on the first day of school. And what can we do?:

1. Little by little, go to bed. This way you will get him to wake up earlier and the first morning to go to school will not be so hard.

2. Go back to the two o'clock meals. You don't have to do it roughly. When you get the child to get up earlier, he will eat breakfast sooner and will be hungry much earlier than in the previous days.

3. It is good that during the vacation period some exercises every day so you don't lose your homework routine. You don't have to spend half an hour doing math or dictation problems. It will be enough for him to read daily and do some math or drawing operation (adapt the exercises to the child's age) during the day at a certain time.

4. Let your child get involved in back to school preparations. Show him the new books, go with him to buy some accessories for school, try on the clothes he will take to class ... In this way he will become aware that he has little left to return to school ...

5. Begin to change your diet. Take care of breakfast and don't skip any of the day's meals.

And once the routine is back, the first day of school will be much more bearable. Although they still have some aftermath of the holidays and they have to stretch slowly. It is normal. It happens to all of us. Or not?

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