The Effects of Excessive Heat on Children

The Effects of Excessive Heat on Children

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I love the heat. Summer allows me to remove my clothes, do more outdoor activities, and encourages me to eat more fruit and even drink more juices and water. Nature is wise, although many do not value or forget the health recommendations that we must consider when our children are immersed in high temperatures.

Drinking water frequently is essential on hot days. And contrary to what many think, direct sun exposure is counterproductive mainly for babies. The effects that heat has on the health of children represent a great risk, so we must combat them through some tips:

1. Drink water or juices frequently, even if you don't feel thirsty. Create the habit in children of drinking fluids every two to three hours.

2. Do not abuse liquids that contain cola or sugar. Create the habit for children to drink natural fruit juices, without sugar or ice.

3. Avoid exposing babies directly to the sun. Create the habit of walking them in the sun, in a protected stroller, only in the early hours of the day and never at noon.

4. Children over two years old who play in the sun should wear sunscreen on their skin, light, loose fitting and light clothing, hats and caps. They should always avoid being in the sun at noon.

5. Stay for the longest time in cool, shaded or heated places.

6. Avoid physical activities or efforts in the hottest hours (between 12 and 17 hours)

7. Avoid leaving children locked in closed, parked vehicles for a long time.

8. If you notice that the child feels fatigued and dull, offer sugary liquids. If your child continues to show symptoms of tiredness, take him to the doctor.

9. Keep medicines in a cool place and food well refrigerated.

10. Prepare light meals that help children to replace the salts lost through sweat. We must offer them fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies, etc. It is not in our hands to alter the weather, that is, to lower temperatures, but to combat the effects of heat on our family.

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