Tricks of moms so that their children will leave the pacifiers and bottles

Tricks of moms so that their children will leave the pacifiers and bottles

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They are our best friends when we are facing an imminent tantrum, when there is some hunger, when they are sick or to put them to sleep. But they lose a second, in the case of lollipops or pacifiers, or there is no way to prepare the bottle and we realize that they have become indispensable to us.

When our babies are already somewhat grown, it is not normal for the pacifier and the bottle to continue to be our allies. That is why we wonder how we will make our son agree not to continue using these calming objects.

We tell you some anecdotes of some very creative moms who have managed to get their children to give up the pacifier and the bottle.

1 - She went to her good heart: this mother told her daughter that there were some little wolves that cried because they needed pacifiers, and that she, as she was older, could donate hers. For a while, the girl pretended not to be understood, but one day she gathered all her pacifiers and said to her mother: take Mom, they are for little wolves! so they stop crying.

2 - They were lost or damaged: some moms told us that they took advantage of a real-life incident, such as the dog that stole the bottle on a farm, or the pacifier that was left behind on a visit, to generate this transition. When the children asked the answer was to go to this memory.

3 - A little thief mouse: a mother told us that she was desperate because her daughter even talked with her jacket on, so she decided to tell him that the mouse had gotten in through the window and stole it. Convinced of the situation, the girl, very imaginative, told this mother that she had seen how the mouse stole her "pupa".

4 - Imaginary beings: a mother shared with us that she used a sound from the bell mobile to say that the fairies were picking up bottles from the houses. One day he pretended they had entered his. After the magical visit, when the child opened the basket where the mother kept them, he found a gift for each bottle.

5 - The Big Bad Wolf: This feared character was used by another of our mothers. According to his story, the wolf came in and took the pacifier and as he left so happy he promised not to return. With the jacket, the boy's fear that the wolf would not return.

6 - A big girl: this last one is my story. My daughter was almost two years old and we began to tell her that she was going to be a big girl and that only babies took a bottle. He ignored us but the day after his birthday, after taking his bottle, he came out with it and told us "I'm going to throw it away because I'm a big girl" and said and done, he threw it away.

Other moms shared with us that they made a pacifier and a bottle, as their infants passed directly to the cups. We promise to make a new blog with your experiences about the famous and dreaded “weaning” moment.

Wait for it!

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