Saint Saul's Day, October 20. Names for boys

Saint Saul's Day, October 20. Names for boys

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Sául is a name of Hebrew origin although derived from the Aramaic 'Shaul' that acquires great importance in the biblical accounts among them with Saul, the king of Edom, Saul the son of Simeon and a Canaanite and finally Saul the son of Cis of the tribe of Benjamin and the first king of Israel.

The name for boys Saúl celebrates his name day on October 20, a name with a long tradition that is perfect for a baby.

This name is used in several languages, for example, 'Saulé' in Lithuanian, 'Saül' in Catalan or 'Сол' in Russian. Its meaning refers to "one who has been requested or desired by his people."

Despite its ancient origin, the name Saúl for boys is used more and more frequently nowadays, gaining more and more popularity, as it is attractive due to its sound and its use not yet widespread.

It is a Hebrew name with personality and strength. Those who bear the name Saúl are creative and have great persuasiveness. They are stubborn and defend their convictions in front of others. They are outgoing but value their independence.

Among the personalities that bear this name we can highlight musicians such as the well-known guitarist Slash, whose name is Saúl Hudson or the Mexican musician Saúl Hernández, athletes such as the Mexican boxer Saúl Álvarez or the Spanish canoeist Saúl Craviotto, novelists like the Nobel Prize for Literature Saul Bellow, artists such as the Venezuelan Luis Saúl Valencia known by the pseudonym Valte Lirical, politicians such as the former president of Argentina Carlos Saúl Menem, photographers such as the Mexican Saúl Serrano, or actors such as the Argentine Saúl Lisazo, among others.

The name of Saúl celebrates his saints on October 20. If you want to consult other names that also celebrate the day of their saint along with Saul's, you only have to consult our calendar of names of saints.

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