Ten funny phrases that show that children do not lie

Ten funny phrases that show that children do not lie

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They say that only children tell the truthAlthough it is not a very accurate saying, and that of us who have children know, what does happen is that they do not have a filter, they say the first thing that comes to mind without measuring it.

Children know the white lieThey have a very particular way of understanding and explaining the world and on many occasions their occurrences leave us with our mouths open. This is demonstrated by these funny and hilarious phrases said by children.

1. Carolina had to do a job for school and her mother asked her:
-And Carol, did you understand what electromagnetic energy is?
The girl replied:
-No, but it doesn't matter. That is not important for life.
Carolina, 10 years old

2. "I wish my sister was a battery-operated toy so I can take them out when it bothers me"
Felipe, 5 years old

3. On the first day of class, Agustina stood next to her teacher and said: "I am as tall as your private parts."
Agustina, 5 years old.

4. Mom ... if I was in your belly, where did I come out ... if there's no door? "Asked Teo. And he answered himself:" I know! You called Bob Build and he blew a hole in you. "
Teo, 2 years old.

5. Clara, with a serious and concerned voice, confessed to her mother: “Mom, I eat snot”.
Clara, 4 years old

6. Nacho's mother was preparing an exam and he would not stop talking to her. That is why her mother told her: “Nacho, mother needs you to be quiet, because I can't study and I'm going to lose the exam”, to which Nacho replied: “Don't worry mommy, if you lose it I'll help you find it. I'm very good at finding things. "
Nacho, 3 years old

7. Maria was traveling on a bus with her parents and two very makeup-wearing ladies got on. Maria looked at them, looked at her parents and exclaimed: "Feítas las critiques!"
Maria, 6 years old.

8. Juan's uncle was reading the newspaper in the living room of the house and got up to go to the bathroom, with the newspaper in his hand. Then, Juan said to him: "Uncle, look that there is paper in the bathroom."
Juan, 8 years old

9. My grandfather says more things in a sentence than a teacher says in 40 minutes of class.
Lucia, 14 years old

10. Sometimes I say bad things to my brother, but I feel great. Does that mean I'm a hypocrite?
Bruno, 7 years old

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