Folic acid also for dads

Folic acid also for dads

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We all know that pregnancy is an exclusive condition for women, which will require that they be in good health and receive obstetric care to avoid risks in their pregnancy. However, have good eating habits and good physical condition it should not be exclusive to the future mother.

When looking for a pregnancy, both women and men need to start from a good physical condition to produce fertilization, and the development and birth of a healthy child.

50 percent of the miracle of life is in the hands of man, of the future father, but what can he do to conceive a healthy child? More and more parents are becoming more involved in the pregnancy of their wives and in the care of their children, they take care of family nutrition, they know the importance of rest and the pregnant woman's check-ups, they accompany their partners to check-ups, to ultrasounds and at the time of delivery. Today more than ever children and pregnancy is a matter of twoThey no longer just stare at their pregnant wife from a distance. Dads can take good care of their baby from the first moments of their conception and, of course, have healthy habits themselves that allow them to conceive a healthy baby.

Surely you know the importance of folic acid, since this is one of the vitamins that play a fundamental role in cell multiplication involved in the production of tissues and organs of the embryo and fetus. The consumption of folic acid reduces the risk of malformations, premature birth, low baby weight, neuronal defects and in the spine. It is usually recommended to women take it before conception, but according to a study carried out, it is advised that parents also take it or increase their consumption before conception, since men who have a higher intake of folic acid have fewer chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm.

The recommendation is therefore that both the future father and the future mother increase the recommended daily amount of folic acid by 200 micrograms (about 400 micrograms daily for adult men and women). To reach these amounts, you can take a multivitamin or folic acid pills directly, or increase your diet with fruits and vegetables rich in folates, and cereals. Fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, orange, avocado, strawberries, etc., are essential to improve the quality of sperm in men, in addition to providing equally beneficial antioxidants. Legumes and cereals are also an important source of folic acid.

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