When nothing works to improve children's misbehavior

When nothing works to improve children's misbehavior

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Parents often use punishments to punish our children's misbehavior. They are common phrases: "you go to the corner" or "you run out of television."

However, many times, it is more almost always, they neither think, nor do they return regretful from the corner. Therefore, the behavior is repeated over and over again: be it hitting the brother, yelling, kicking or not picking up the toys. What to do if the punishment or educational consequence does not seem to affect the child?What if you don't mind not watching your favorite show or playing a game with your tablet? James Lehman has devised a so-called foolproof method for changing children's behavior

There are parents who continue to resort to spanking or slapping, despite the fact that all the specialists insist on the negative of this sanction. And others, they hit a wall and find themselves in a cul-de-sac because they can't find a way to get the child to learn from bad behavior.

James lehmanA homeless ex-convict, after his first dark years he decided to turn his life around radically and began a career as a social worker focusing his work on children with problems. He developed a Total Transformation Program that is followed by thousands of North American parents. And it is that it achieves tremendously positive changes in children. Lehman talks about 3 fundamental roles that parents have to assume to teach better behavior to the child:

- Coach role

- Problem solver role

- Limiter role

And in addition, he gave a series of basic guidelines to achieve radical changes in the attitude of children, guidelines that must accompany our children on their way to adolescence:

1. Take control: we must take command safely and without question.

2. Disconnect: in the face of any misconduct, stop short and not pay attention to the child, do not argue or argue at that time.

3. Guide you for the next time: uses bad experience to teach him how to behave next time.

4. Don't make speeches: There are no explanations or reasoning, when there is bad behavior, a consequence automatically comes.

5. Focus on bad behavior: explain to the child what behavior he should change (hit his brother, break toys ...)

6. Stop overstimulation: not argue in front of a crowd, turn off the television, send the child to the room ...

7. Use affection: reinforce the child positively when he has a good attitude.

8. Explain how we will deal with misconduct: "I won't talk to you when you're being this rude."

9. Never break down: do not show anger, scream or lose patience.

10. Accept the bad days: be aware that everyone has a bad day or a bad mood and tell the child "let's start over, I know you've had a bad day but don't blame me."

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