Family nutrition: sugar kills more than hunger

Family nutrition: sugar kills more than hunger

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In recent years, most of the parents have become aware of the importance of a good diet. Only one thing is to know it, and another very difficult to put it into practice. Temptations are the order of the day, fatigue and little time available threaten the possibility of preparing healthy food, and stress makes us need immediate gratifications of those that come wrapped in colored paper and that are sold on every corner.

However, we must make an effort to limit the consumption of snacks and sweets, both personally and for the rest of the family. In the book “Homo Deus. A brief history of tomorrow ”author Yuval Noah Harari explains that for the first time in history, today more people die from eating too much than from eating too little.

While unfortunately there are still nations or regions of the world plagued by poverty, the reality is that there are no longer famines like those of centuries ago, where people literally had nothing to eat for days. There were no communications and transportation as we know them today, and if a region was hit by drought or plague, it could happen that an entire population starved.

The author recounts tremendous historical cases, such as when, in 1695, a fifth of the total Estonian population died. However “During the last 100 years, technological, economic and political advances have created an increasingly robust safety net that moves humanity away from the biological poverty line… In most parts of the planet, even if a person loses his job and all his possessions, he is unlikely to starve. "

The author explains that In most countries, overeating has become a much worse problem than hunger. According to data he cites, in 2014 more than 2.1 billion people were overweight compared to 850 million who suffered from malnutrition. And half the world's population is expected to be obese by 2030.

Today most of us have refrigerators, storage space, the ability to purchase non-perishable foods, and it is easier for us to eat unhealthy foods than grains, cereals, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Nor it is easy to change habits, but becoming aware of the situation is the first step. Avoid buying soft drinks every day of the week, make natural juices, always start meals with a salad, and choose nuts or fresh fruits when having a snack or making snacks.

To be able to do this, something important is to feel good emotionally, since we consume these types of foods much more for “gratification” than for hunger. We want, desire for something delicious, more than the need to eat. Today a new trend of psychology was developed, which is called nutrition psychology, which is precisely dedicated to analyzing behaviors related to food and helps people who require it to become aware of them in order to change them. Knowing is the first step to execute therefore: Today is a good day to start making dietary changes!

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