How to make a plasticine Christmas tree

How to make a plasticine Christmas tree

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Mount a Christmas tree It is one of the first activities that we can do with children in preparation for the Christmas holidays. Many families have a tradition of placing the Christmas tree and thus decorating the house for the Christmas holidays. He wanted to join your activities and proposes a most original and fun craft: a Christmas tree made with plasticine or molding dough.

An easy and simple Christmas craft. Kids are sure to love doing it. We teach you how to do it step by step and with photos.

    • Green plasticine
    • Yellow plasticine
    • Red plasticine
    • Brown or gray clay
    • Tips:
      Instead of modeling clay, you can also use clay or other modeling dough. In this case, when the tree is finished you will have to paint it.

1- To make the branches of the tree, we will need to make green plastic balls. With the help of the fingertips, each ball is crushed making a hole in the dough.

2- With the gray or brown plasticine, make the trunk of the tree and join from the base of the trunk to the top, branch by branch.

3- When you finish joining the branches, with the yellow plasticine make a ball and stick it at the top of the tree.

4- To finish, make red plastic balls to decorate branch by branch. And so we already have our Christmas tree.

Video: Polymer Clay Sparrow Sculpture part 2 (June 2022).


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