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What do women really want for Women's Day?

What do women really want for Women's Day?

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Although many men claim that it is difficult to understand a woman, the truth is much better for them. Because ladies are not as demanding as some may think. Every year in numerous studies women, be they mothers, married women or singles emphasize the same thing: the most important for them is the feeling that someone wanted to make them happy. Much more appreciated are the efforts, preparation and time spent than buying a flower or chocolates.

The nicest gestures

According to Norstat Catibus research, the most important for women are gestures behind which there is good intentions and emotional load. Gestures do not have to be expensive. It's enough for a man to get up earlier, prepare breakfast, write something nice on a self-adhesive sheet left on the bathroom mirror, prepare a surprise trip, prepare a favorite dish, a romantic dinner.

Pleasant memories

First of all, women on Women's Day want a great time that will bring pleasant memories. These are much more valuable than material gifts. And what do mothers dream about? First of all, according to research, about a moment of peace, relaxation, time just for themselves, during which they will decide what and how they do and how they will spend their free time. Young mothers want to let them stop for a while.


So, gentlemen, instead of going to the florist without thinking about, buying more cosmetics or chocolates, put the effort to prepare such a surprise that will please your women. It's much more than you can convey through even the most expensive gift.