The treasure and the two adventurers. Stories for children

The treasure and the two adventurers. Stories for children

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The treasure and the two adventurers It is a story that teaches children that when someone wants something they have to fight to get it. It is important to overcome the fears and obstacles that life presents us to achieve our goals.

Stories and fables provide great lessons for children, in addition to laying the foundation for creating great readers.

Once upon a time there was a very brave little girl who loved adventures and going for a walk with her father. One day the girl heard a rumor about an enchanted castle with a magical and powerful treasure from which no one had managed to escape alive.

She told her father about that castle on the outskirts of town and about that treasure. He enthusiastically listened to the story and seeing his daughter's emotion decided to accompany her on her search.

The girl put in a bag, a lasso to catch dragons, a stick to scare off bugs, fruits to recover energy and a pocket flashlight. I was very prepared!

When they reached the castle, father and daughter, well determined, opened the door and what they heard was terrifying, a dragon's screams left them trembling.

However, the girl wanted to continue the path without losing courage. They passed through several rooms and came to a very long and very dark tunnel. But the girl was prepared, she took out her flashlight so she could light her way while spiders and other critters stalked her steps. Luckily he had his stick to scare them away.

At last they reached the end of the tunnel and saw a room where they thought the treasure was hidden. But, as she took a step, a trap was opened in the ground and the girl fell through it. Luckily, her father managed to grab her by the arm at the last second and pulled her until they were both safe.

Behind them they began to hear mysterious screams, they thought it could be the dragon and ran to the treasure room as fast as they could. Upon arrival, they closed the door behind them to prevent the dragon from entering. And there it was ... the treasure chest!

They opened it, took what was inside and prepared to flee from the dragon. Fortunately, the girl had her dragon-catching lasso and she knew how to use it so well that they took advantage of an oversight of the fearsome dragon to tie him to a rock and run away.

You will wonder what was in the chest, some say that a precious diamond that they sold to distribute the money with their neighbors in their impoverished town, others say that the chest was empty and father and daughter lived an unforgettable adventure and there are those who affirm that they never succeeded leave the cave and even today they wait for some daring adventurer to rescue them from the clutches of the dragon. Luckily, they still have the fruits to recharge. Do you dare to go rescue them?


Author: adaptation of a story by John Michael Andres

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