Prevention of sudden death

Prevention of sudden death

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The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) is committed to continuing to recommend that parents put their babies to sleep on their backs, a measure that has managed to reduce sudden infant death by 50 percent, but warns that this option can cause plagiocephaly, a cranial asymmetry whose repercussions are usually aesthetic due to the facial asymmetry and misalignment of the ears that it generates in newborns.

Follow tips to avoid sudden infant death:

1- Do not expose babies to tobacco smoke during pregnancy or after birth. The pregnant woman should not smoke or allow someone to smoke in the room where she and her baby are.

2- If the newborn baby has a fever or general malaise, consult the pediatrician immediately.

3- In the first six months of life, it is recommended that the baby sleep in his crib, in the position on his back, and that he has a more controlled supervision of his parents.

4- Avoid pillows or cushions in the baby's crib. Avoid toys that he can choke on.

5- The baby's mattress must be firm and with a waterproof cover. Bedding should be well stretched.

6- Avoid sharing a bed with the baby, especially when he is less than 3 months old, when he is premature, when the mother or father has taken any medicine that induces drowsiness or has fatigue.

7- Do not cover the baby's head while sleeping. Do not cover him too much.

8- Avoid high temperatures in the baby's room. The ideal temperature for a baby is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius.

9- The baby should not sleep near a radiator or heater, or under direct light. Nor should it be with a hot water bottle or thermal blanket.

10- Avoid using a pacifier in the baby's first month of life. If you use it, it better be under the supervision of an adult.

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