Car-shaped keychain. Felt craft for kids

Car-shaped keychain. Felt craft for kids

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If you are looking for an original gift that your children can make to give for Father's Day or Mother's Day, on our site we suggest you make this beautiful felt keychain in the shape of a car.

A very original craft for children to make their own gifts to their loved ones.

  • Orange, black, white and gray felt
  • Blue wool
  • Sewing needle
  • 2 buttons
  • Cotton
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors

1. Take the orange felt and make a 7-centimeter line. Then use a round container to take the diameter and mark the remaining half circumference. It will be the hood of the car. Repeat the process. Measure the width of the car which will be one centimeter, it will be the bumper. Now mark 5 centimeters above, it will be the height of the car. And now freehand make a half circle to finish off the window of the car. Cut out both sides of our original car.

2. Cut out a 1 by 7 centimeter strip of gray felt. Mark a circle with a small glass and cut it out in the shape of a half moon, it will be the glass of the car.

3. We can now start sewing the different parts. We will use blue thread for this, it is very simple! We start by sewing the bumper to the car using a single stitch. We also sew the glass. We also sew two buttons with blue wool, they will be the headlights of the car.

4. For the back part we will make a small drawing of a heart and we will go over it with thread. To make the wheels we cut out two pieces of black felt and sew them on the back.

5. To finish we have to join both parts and we will do it using the so-called jester point. We start by passing the needle from one side to the other but make sure to leave a piece of yarn that you will pass the needle through before tightening the stitch. When you have more than half of the car sewn, put cotton so that it is raised and finish closing the felt. Now you just have to sew a strip with the key ring ... And you already have a fun and original car-shaped keychain!

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