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Sharing children's nude photos online

Sharing children's nude photos online

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We've already written about the change in Instagram policy. In short: the owners of the program give themselves the option of any use of photos posted by users. This information should be confronted with the storm that the photo caused on foreign portals a three-year child eating ice cream in the tub. Probably the controversy would not or would not be so loud were it not for the numerous comments posted under the photograph. Many viewers of the picture thought that uploading such photos on social networking sites by parents is the peak of stupidity. They asked directly: what will happen if such pictures go to the hands of a pedophile?

Do we really know what can happen to a photo posted on the internet? Do we realize that it can be easily copied, changed or stored on a computer disk and used in a few years, when the child will no longer be indifferent, who and how he looks at his childhood photos ...?

Photos from the past

Psychologists, aside from the fact that parents often carelessly post pictures of their children online, notice that often when a toddler grows up and notices his naked pictures, he feels shame. He would gladly remove embarrassing photos from his family albums, to which only a limited number of people have access (which he often does!). It's not always about shame. Often also for control of your "property" or personality. He wants to feel that he has control over his own privacy.

In the store, on the bulletin board?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to imagine what a child would feel if they discover their naked photos posted on the Internet in the future. After all, when we were small ourselves, no one had heard about online websites.

This situation can be compared to placing naked photographs on bulletin boards, on a shop window, an advertising pole ... Would any of us do the same? If we were a parent 30 years ago, would we go with a naked picture and put the photograph on a school or nursery newspaper?

After all, if we want to share cute nude pictures, we can do it in a different way. For example, send them to people we trust by email, giving them access to everyone and on services that stipulate that they can do anything with such pictures ... It seems simple.

Before sharing ...

Idea. There are two reasons. Even by reserving "privacy" due to the specificity of social media, you have no control over who will see, copy or otherwise use the photo. It is important to think not only about the present moment, but about how the child would feel in the future, knowing that his nude photos were widely known and available online. You should be aware that beautiful photos of children and babies can be taken out of context and used incorrectly. They can live their lives for years ...