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Carrots, broccoli - no thanks. How to encourage children to eat vegetables?

Carrots, broccoli - no thanks. How to encourage children to eat vegetables?

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Reality is painful for us when it comes to children eating vegetables. They would prefer potato chips, Coleslaw KFC salad, or a little lettuce, a slice of tomato and cucumber from McDonald's burger. Meanwhile, we parents know exactly that it is a bit too little, so it is worth starting to serve vegetables as soon as possible and work on this habit in our children, although sometimes it will be difficult.

Awareness versus willingness

As a conscious parent, you know that vegetables are necessary in the diet as products that provide vitamins and microelements, and your child refuses to cooperate. At meals, the atmosphere becomes tense, you and the child are nervous. This is not a good state to eat anything. Acting on strength, temptation with a sweet reward, threatening with punishment are certainly not able to form a good habit of eating vegetables in your child. First of all, ensure a nice atmosphere at the table. Have time, smile and all my patience.

Here are the steps to help you achieve your goal:

1. Give your child a choice

Let them choose one of three vegetables, for example. There are days when you fancy a salad of chicory or tomatoes, there are also days when you prefer cooked broccoli or beans. Your child may also feel like diversity, but sometimes he doesn't know what to do, so give him a choice. If a child eats at least one of the proposed vegetables, you will already be satisfied, it can also be the same vegetable in a different form, e.g. carrot salad and boiled carrot.

2. Look at the habits of the whole family

Doesn't dad boycott vegetables by accident? Well, our children observe, they are like a mirror that reflects the beliefs and habits of the whole family. Don't you eat vegetables too often? Please, toddler doesn't want to either, he is part of your small community and wants to be like dad or older brother, so he duplicates their behavior. If you want your child to eat vegetables, you and your family must be familiar with this topic. Talk to everyone, what vegetables they like, can you, for example, try a new vegetable every two weeks?

3. Take care of diversity

The child should have a chance to learn the new taste, but give him time to tame the new product. Remember, just as you approach new things differently, your child will also approach them differently. The main thing is not to be discouraged. Let the plate next to the well-known novelty dishes, the child will eat well-known and maybe try new dishes or products.

4. Different forms and invoices

Carrot is not your favorite vegetable in cooked form? Maybe it tastes raw. Do not match the posts? It may taste pre-cooked slices. Give your child a chance to take a different look at vegetables, broccoli is a wonderful forest and cauliflower, or maybe you'll like a carrot stamp or chicory boat? Only your imagination limits you.
So eat in a relaxed atmosphere, trying new flavors. Give yourself time to make a habit permanent, we need 21 days to duplicate this habit. Good luck!