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Homeopathy for children

Homeopathy for children

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Homeopathy raises emotions. This is because there is no evidence that it really works. As a method classified as an alternative or natural medicine technique, it is used by some, excluded by others at the very beginning as a "time wasting" method.

Placebo or panacea?

Homeopathy is a way of thinking about treatment coming from from the 18th and 19th centuries, some suggest that derived from the occult. Today evaluated in an extreme way. Reviews oscillate between referring to homeopathy as a placebo medicinewhich does not work on the source of the problem, but on the psyche, healing the "soul" and panacea, which is considered an ideal preparation to treat any ailment.
Homeopathy was officially introduced to the Polish market by the order of Leszek Miller from 1995, as a service category. The legitimacy of this decision is not illuminated by the still unresolved mode of action of homeopathy.

Important information is that in many countries homeopathic products are approved for sale as components complementing the treatment, however, not allowing substitutes for basic pharmaceuticals. In such countries, homeopathy is often used in hospital wards, and homeopathic consultations are refunded.

Even more interesting look brings church attitude. The official position distances itself from prohibiting the use of homeopathy, but there are plenty of articles and statements that equate homeopathy with "dirty practices", sin.

The creator of homeopathy and his philosophy

The creator of homeopathy is Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who lived in the belief that the disease is a sign of the malfunction of the entire body. For this reason, the fight against the disease is to stimulate the work of systems in such a way that he is able to cope with the threat.

Homeopathic medicines work in this philosophy like vaccines, which help force the body to practice the work of the immune system on a low dose of a substance that causes symptoms similar to the disease the homeopathic medicine is intended to treat. In this approach, the homeopathic preparation can only work in long-term therapy. Interestingly, however, the controversy related to homeopathy is related to the fact that some of its supporters reject the use of many vaccines as a non-helping, but harmful substance.

No side effects

Some maliciously claim that homeopathy cannot cause any side effects because it just doesn't work. What's the truth? Certainly, it is usually well tolerated. In itself, it doesn't hurt.
Most often, homeopathic substances are used ingredients of plant, mineral or animal origin. The amount of active substance is trace. It is so diluted that it is actually difficult to "detect" in the preparations used.

Not just homeopathy

If we struggle with more serious problems, homeopathy may not be enough and beyond dispute, what is our personal view of it. Especially if we entrust the health of our child to homeopaths, and for the youngest, all the following changes occur very quickly.

You should be aware that if you do not sign up for a doctor directly, your homeopath may be a car mechanic or carpenter. In addition, such a "specialist" does not take any responsibility for our health. We have no real opportunity to prove him the relationship between the practices and the state of health. The important information is that such offices are not monitored in any way and their work is supervised.

When choosing a homeopath we do not know not only the assumptions of a given "therapist", but also his worldview and value system. For this reason it is worth thinking carefully if we intend to give the child's health to the hands of specialists who are sometimes not doctors and do not have documented knowledge in the field of treatment. If you plan to use this type of help, it is worth consulting it with a primary care physician and going to homeopaths who are also doctors (in Poland about 7,000 specialists).

How much is it?

A visit to a homeopath is not the cheapest. Usually you have to spend on it about 200 zlotys. We often receive medicine at this price. Most often, however, it does not end on one visit. Therapy must be continued and supervised.
It is worth preparing for a detailed interview: questions about the course of pregnancy, how the baby sleeps, about which she wakes up, how she eats, what her temperament is.

Whether we decide to go to a homeopath or not, it is worth being aware controversy related to these services. It won't hurt either suspicion and common sensewho will tell us what diseases and to what extent can be treated using homeopathy.

Information we don't brag about?

Many homeopathic medicine manufacturers do whatever they want some homeopathic preparations are not at all proud that their product works in accordance with the principles of homeopathy. Such information is often not found on the leaflet, it is not particularly displayed on the packaging, often not mentioned in advertisements. Sometimes you have to look a lot, for example on the manufacturer's website, to find out the truth. The open question remains: what is the reason? Because it is certain that it is deliberate ...
Below we've gathered the most popular homeopathic remedies.

The most popular homeopathic preparations

  • Oscillococcinum, which as an active substance contains an extract from the liver and heart of a wild duck (!) (MA mgr. Iwona Wojtysiak-Karwacka, "Alma Mater" 2002, 160-161) diluted as much as 200 times. Researchers suggest that you can get Oscillococcinum for around $ 20 million from one duck shot. The cost of six doses is about 25 PLN.
  • Stodal - homeopathic cough syrup. The cost is about PLN 14 for 200 ml.
  • Sedalia - syrup used in anxiety in children, difficulty falling asleep. 200 ml cost about PLN 20.
  • Daptis gel - gel for external use after insect bites. About 20 zlotys.
  • Aflubin - drops for viral infections, cost about PLN 33 for 50 ml.
  • Viburcol N suppositories - a complex homeopathic medicine that is intended to relieve painful teething, colic in children. Can be used for fever and inflammation. The cost is about PLN 27 for 12 suppositories. The medicine can only be obtained with a prescription, although there are pharmacies that do not require a prescription so far (formerly the product was available without a prescription).

Do you use homeopathy? What are your experiences?