Pregnancy / Childbirth

When we are too old to have a child ...

When we are too old to have a child ...

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We live in a world where eternal youth is propagated. By different methods. Pharmacologically, surgically, and even during sessions at psychotherapists. We experience the first, second and subsequent youth. We keep taking our years away, looking with surprise or total ignorance at those who are getting older with dignity. We repeat that we have time, as if we were its owner, forgetting that life can be unpredictable and surprises us in various ways. Also a doctor's diagnosis that "now it can be difficult", "that it can be dangerous".
The desire to have a child, to have a child is very strong. Sometimes, so much that morality, common sense is lost along the way, or as a consequence, it is unethical. Wanting is seen in the category of urgent need that needs to be met. Like a warrior, proving to the world that he wants to be able to. And unfortunately not necessarily ...

Example one and more

Naked woman appearing on the cover of New York magazine. Styled by photographers and rubbing hands of magazine publishers in the famous pose Demi Moore is to provoke. He puts one hand on his chest and the other around his stomach.

However, this woman does not have beautiful skin, firm breasts, brown hair. She is nothing like the famous actress photographed in 1991. Has wrinkled skin and silver hair. She is over 50 and pregnant. It is 2011. Fifty years ago, her decision to remain a mother would be widely and unambiguously criticized. Women her age half a century ago do not think about children, they rock their grandchildren in their arms ...

Case? One in a million example? No. Today, women who consciously choose a child over 40 are talked with a smile, the benefits of late motherhood are emphasized. There is no talk of the consequences. It doesn't fall out.

Today we can read about the British who has gone pregnant at age 66, see photos of 47-year-old Kelly Prestonwho looks like a 30 year old. Currently, due to the progress of medicine, you can get pregnant even in the middle of menopause. The border does not seem to exist.

Menopause won't come?

Scientists from Italy caused a storm a few months ago with their discoveries. They told the world that they were already soon menopause will be able to be postponed indefinitely. It will not be biology but man. The solution is to freeze ovarian tissue.

This experimental technique has so far been used only on young people suffering from cancer, which after chemotherapy can lead to infertility. To date, 20 successful treatments have been carried out. Including people who underwent illness in 2003 and in 2011 due to a previous surgery they became pregnant. According to Italian researchers, the method of freezing the ovary is definitely more effective than freezing the embryo.
Is there something to enjoy? Of course, yes, in justified cases, freezing the ovary works like a miracle. It gives a chance where no one has seen it. However, the explorer himself emphasizes that there is a lot of room for abuse, deliberate postponement during menopause, which is characterized by the impossibility of having children and is synonymous with ... old age. The temptation is because many of us would like to be forever young ...

How is it in men?

There is still a myth that a man can have children of all ages, and this is not entirely true. Scientists prove that men around 45 years old, the quality of sperm drops drastically. At this stage, they become less effective.
Changes occurring with age in men cannot be reversed. However, due to a proper diet and lifestyle, they can be delayed. Folic acid and vitamins play a key role. Gentlemen who want to take care of fertility should eat a lot of dark green vegetables, milk and eggs.
If a man is approaching fifty and intends to have children, the solution is to freeze sperm.


When talking about very late pregnancies, one often forgets the consequences of what they carry. There are many of them. It is worth mentioning the basic ones.

Children naturally take care of aging parents. Today, most often, such responsibility lies at 50-60 years old. However, after the extension of "youth" and because of choosing children, this border is moving dangerously later.
In the case of a 50-year-old pregnant woman, we can talk about old age when the child begins to mature. Should a 16-20 year old be obliged to care for infirm parents? Is this the age when he does not need support himself yet or is he ready for a natural farewell to parents who will not live forever? Is there at least in
minimal mentally ready to face all this?

Of course, if the problem remains only marginal, it makes no sense to sound an alarm. However, it is worth looking at him more widely, because the decision to have a child from generation to generation is shifted more and more.