On a school trip, won't children eat junk food?

On a school trip, won't children eat junk food?

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The Minister of Health sent a letter to the Ministry of National Education with a suggestion that school trips should not allow children to go to fast food bars, according to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. A visit to McDonald's networks will soon disappear from school and pre-school trip schedules.

Not for "junk food"?

In an average Polish school or kindergarten, children are rewarded with sweets: for achievements, on the occasion of various events. It is hard to imagine a day without "junk food", which is tasty and at the same time highly addictive for the youngest. Similarly, "from the holiday." During trips, a must-visit place in a fast food restaurant is a must-see, which raises a lot of emotions.

According to the Ministry, this form of rewarding children and celebrating meals is not the best idea. The reason is simple. Children gain weight, Polish students occupy an infamous place on the podium in this respect. Meanwhile, obesity is not only an aesthetic problem, but above all a health problem. Dramatically increases the risk of many difficult-to-treat diseases.

According to MZ, school and kindergarten trips are to show children and youth the beauty of our country, teach history, and promote healthy eating habits.

But where did the idea come from to prohibit children on school trips from so-called junk food? It all began with the disclosure by the Institute of Consumer Rights Protection that teachers taking children for meals to McDonald's networks get a free meal at the bar.

McDonald's Polska Sp.z o.o replied: "We do not run such a program on a national scale.

Most of our premises belong to franchisees. As independent entrepreneurs, they have the right to conduct local promotional or sales activities.

Our information shows that in some restaurants it is practiced to treat the driver or tour guide with a free meal, coffee, etc. However, this is not a formalized mechanism, rather a custom (...) " source

A better menu?

McDonald's is the most popular chain offering fast food. In giving justice, it must be added that he is systematically changing his menu, adding vegetables and fruits to it (also in children's sets).

The chain of restaurants has a wide offer for children. Kits dedicated to children are known all over the world. Not only hamburgers, French fries and carbonated drinks, but also toys included in the sets arouse considerable enthusiasm.

A visit to McDoland's is treated in many Polish schools and kindergartens as a mandatory point of every trip. Similarly, some parents approach the subject, who take their fries and soda on the weekend and don't see anything wrong with it.

The problem is the frequency of visiting fast food outlets or the approach to the topic? Treating such places and food served there as prizes?

Many parents do not see anything wrong in the fact that the child will occasionally eat in "fast food". They point out that it's better than meals in random places where food doesn't have to be fresh. An argument is also the possibility of avoiding eating a sandwich lying for many hours in a warm place. On the other hand, treating fast food chains as a place where a child is rewarded with food - raises objections from another, equally large group of parents. Parents "who are on it" point out that this is not about eating an unhealthy dish from time to time, but about the envelope associated with a trip to McDonald's or another place of this type. For a kind of split personality. On the one hand, attempts are being made to promote a healthy eating model at school to take children for unhealthy food at the first opportunity. Where's the consequence - ask surprised parents.

The MZ appeal to the Ministry of National Education comes from April 30. It is not known when or if a record will be created prohibiting teachers on school and pre-school trips from taking children to fast food chains.

It is worth noting that the problem is not new, and alarms have appeared earlier. Already in July 2017 a profile was created on Facebook - Stop fast foodom in school trips programs, which is carried out to this day. The action was initiated by one of the parents, a lawyer, Piotr Cybula. Until now, many organizations, journalists and parents are alarming to protect children from "junk food".

And what do you think about it? An important intervention of the Ministry of Health or maybe a movement that will not change anything?