What interactive dog for a child? RANKING

What interactive dog for a child? RANKING

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"Mom, Dad, I want to have a dog" - probably every parent at a certain stage of their lives heard a similar request that caused real consternation. The animal, although you can play with it, is not a toy. The decision to invite him home must be carefully considered. Many parents choose a toy instead of a living friend. One of the best is an interactive dog that behaves almost like a living one. Which product is worth choosing? We test 4 popular models.

Interactive dog Lucy - number 1 in our ranking

The interactive male Lucy is our Parent HIT from 2017. You can read here how we rated it a year ago.

The interactive animal behaves almost identically to a live animal. He barks, walks, knows how to sit down and even stand on his front paws. Of course, he can also say hello, give a paw, "eat", lie down and even give a kiss. He reacts to his name, but commands must be given to him in a firm tone (which children have a problem with). This is an interactive dog with the most extensive functionality that we have tested.

After several months of fun with Lucy, we can add that the toy seems indestructible, the dog still enjoys and works fine. He does the instructions, knows how to show funny tricks, makes children laugh, he is nice to touch. We recommend!

Price: around PLN 200

Samba EPEE interactive doggie

If a child dreams about it lead your teddy dog ​​on a leash, the best choice will be a Samba interactive dog, who not only walks, but is stroked on the head He sits down. When he is given a bone, he happily begins to crunch. The dog wags its tail, showing joy, reacts to the whistle, a leash is included in the set.

Unfortunately, the toy is not perfect, has relatively few functions and is quite expensive. It's important to note that, contrary to what you can hear in the ad, the dog is not running, but he walks quite slowly. On the plus side, you need to include high quality, really good durability.

Price around 230 zlotys

Interactive boy Tuluś Cobi

Does your child dream of a puppy, a really cute interactive animal that loves to cuddle? This is Tuluś from Cobi, about which you can write a lot, but the most important thing is that it is sweet and the most pleasant to the touch (from this set). Is very soft, makes sounds pleasant to the ear, closes and opens eyes, you can feed it with a bottle.

Unfortunately, the dog does not walk, only raises the stomach, moves the head. It has relatively few functions and costs a lot. Many parents also pay attention to a loud mechanism that interferes with fun. JHowever, children are often delighted with it because of the emotions that the sweet little dog evokes.

The cost is about PLN 250

Furreal Friends. Chatty Beagle Charlie - interactive dog

An interactive dog that looks like a fairy tale character and not a real dog? An interesting position is Chatty Beagle Charlie, who He talks a lot, wags his tail and moves his ears, and makes children laugh, but unlike Lucy, unfortunately, he can't walk, stand on his paws, and he won't give the child a kiss. As the only one in this list he can not only bark, but also speak.

Its advantages? Certainly beautiful appearance, big eyes, funny sentences that he says. The dog encourages the child to hug him, is solidly made and almost indestructible. Unfortunately, there is no volume control, which can be embarrassing in everyday use.

Price around PLN 140

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