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Shadow Theater

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Shadow Theater it's incredibly creative fun that allows a child to move to the land of fantasy, stimulates the imagination, teaches creation.

Finally, it's a great idea for spending time together with your child, building family relationships that require commitment from each party.

Shadow Theater series from the producer Sierra Madre contains 3 parts: Enchanted Kingdom, Underwater World and Amazing Machines.

We have Enchanted Kingdom, the theater is intended for children from 3 to 8 years old. The set includes 8 characters and decorations. As usual in fairy tales, there are good and bad: princess, knight, good fairy, horse, and villains witch and dragon. The kit comes with a booklet with 10 stories that we can use. However, the best fun starts when we invent our own stories.

Our 3-year-old daughter loves to be a princess, she chooses this character at every play. Well, it remains for me to be one of the other heroes. I don't even ask if I can become a princess this time.

The attached sticks and clips perfectly hold the figures in the right position, which, by the way, are also well made, and additionally glow when exposed.

I think that this is an extremely successful purchase, which made my daughter really happy.


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