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Crede's treatment - is it really needed? Why so much controversy?

Crede's treatment - is it really needed? Why so much controversy?

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Credego's procedure is a routine procedure in most Polish delivery rooms (not in all), not practiced in many European countries. The necessity of using it has been discussed for several years. Many parents do not understand why to instill a child's eyes and whether it is really necessary. And is it safe?

What is Crede's treatment?

Credi's treatment owes its name to the originator Professor Carl Crede, which he found preventive method protecting against conjunctival changes caused by gonorrhea split bacteria. The method has its origins in 1880. In Poland, the procedure was introduced to the standards of perinatal care in 1933.

Professor Crede's treatment consists in instillation in the eyes of the newborn baby with 1% silver nitrate solution. This procedure is performed routinely in most Polish delivery rooms for newborns, to prevent gonorrheal conjunctivitis. It does not protect against other venereal diseases, e.g. chlamydia.

Why is Crede's treatment performed?

When a child passes through the birth canal, he is exposed to many microbes. Silver nitrate instillation into the eyes of the newborn has protect against purulent eye infection, which can result in corneal damageand even permanent blindness.

Crede's treatment - why all this controversy?

A lot of tests are done during pregnancy. One of the mandatory is blood test for venereal diseases, including gonorrhea. Because it is almost 100% certain whether the expectant mother has gonorrhea or not.

This is the first argument for which opponents do not agree to Crede's procedure. If we know that there is no disease, why use a method to protect against it?

There is a second equally important reason why some parents do not agree to Crede's surgery - risk of complications. Chemical eye inflammation may result from silver nitrate. The third argument is no protection against other diseases, for example chlamydia, which can also cause inflammation and which eye drops do not protect against.

For the above mentioned reasons Crede's surgery was abandoned, for example, in clinics in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Great Britain. However, some sources indicate that the lack of Crede surgery caused an increase in the incidence of neonatal eye inflammation.

In some hospitals, instead of using eye drops, another method is chosen - use of an ointment or drops with an antibiotic, which also protect against chlamydia. This solution is not ideal, however, because it is based on the use of exaggerated antibiotics.

Application studies are currently underway iodopovidone instead of silver nitrate. The results are promising because iodopovidone is supposed to protect not only against gonorrhea but also against bacteria.


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