Why is my child not growing?

Why is my child not growing?

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It is said that children grow as if they are yeast. Most parents are surprised to discover how quickly their baby grows out of their clothes and how often they need new ones. However, sometimes the opposite situation arouses surprise when the child stops growing or grows very slowly and is clearly smaller than his peers. Then a legitimate question arises - why is my child not growing?

Why is my child not growing? So is it growing slowly or not at all?

The situation when the child is growing systematically cannot be equated, but very slowly with the one when the child stopped on the centile grid and for a long time did not grow even a centimeter.

While slow growth can be an individual feature, stopping growth should always force the parent and doctor to look for the cause. If the child grows slowly from birth, but you can observe changes in height over the months, it is usually considered that the situation does not require urgent intervention, but observation. However, if the toddler has not changed his height for a long time (several months), refuses to eat, he is more often ill, this requires diagnostics. Especially if the parents are tall and grow up in childhood, without much trouble.

When the child is not growing. A visit to the doctor is necessary

Systematically measuring and weighing a child makes sense because of the chance to quickly assess any irregularities that may arise. For this reason, it is recommended to control weight and height on a centile grid and observe these parameters over time. This is not a sign of parental zeal, but the most reasonable action.

If you notice that your child has not grown a few months, it is worth going to the pediatrician and consult your observations. After talking with parents and seeing the child, the doctor may order a visit to a gastroenterologist. This specialist has the appropriate knowledge to check where the reasons for the inhibition of child growth are. Sometimes it is also necessary to visit a geneticist, allergist, nephrologist, endocrinologist or cardiologist.

The child eats too little

In 90% of cases, a child's short height is the result of an inadequate diet, i.e. providing the child with too few calories with food.

Of course, it's rare that parents refuse to eat their daughter or son. Usually a few-year-old is not interested in a meal, for example because he has more fun with fun. And you just don't have time to eat ...

That is why it is so important to introduce appropriate rules for eating dishes from an early age, teaching children how to celebrate time together at the table. The child should learn to eat peacefully at certain times of the day, so that the body itself demands a meal 5-6 times a day. It's best if the meals are served at one time for the whole family, often unfortunately it's difficult, but it's worth planning the time so that the toddler can watch his mother or babysitter eating with him.

You can make a lot of mistakes when feeding your baby. The most common is forcing to eat and following a child to eat anything. Blackmail, bribing food and rewarding it also don't work.It is also very disastrous feeding between meals, for the child to eat anything. It is also important atmosphere accompanying food. Attaching too much importance to a meal often ends in rebellion on the part of the child.

Causes of growth inhibition in a child

Slow growth of a child or stopping growth of a child can have a lot of reasons, including:

  • celiac disease - celiac disease hindering the absorption of important nutrients, manifested, among others, short stature,
  • Turner syndrome,
  • asthma,
  • cystic fibrosis,
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease,
  • malabsorption syndrome in a child caused by food allergy, parasite infection, intestinal inflammation, etc.
  • nervous system diseases
  • hormonal disorders,
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • heart diseases,
  • chronic anemia.

Don't underestimate the problem

If your child is growing very slowly, do not underestimate the problem. The cause can be serious, and short stature may be just one of the milder symptoms of the problem. It's worth checking to see if your child is suffering from a disease that blocks the natural growth process.


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