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Pregnant Attention, new regulations enter into force

Pregnant Attention, new regulations enter into force

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Until April 30, 2017, pregnant women working in front of a computer could benefit from significant facilities. However, this is a thing of the past. On May 1, 2017, new regulations entered into force. What? What do they change in the life of a working future mother? Attention! A revolution is coming!

How was it until now?

Pregnant until April 30, 2017, if her boss was unable to provide another job, she could spend a maximum of 4 hours a day in front of the computer. In practice, this meant in many situations a reduction of the working day to 4 hours, while maintaining the right to full payment.

All because of a record that said working at the computer was harmful to both the mother and her child. This record came from 1983, when the technique looked completely different than it is today. They were commonly used CRT monitors, so-called CRTs, that emitted harmful radiation. Currently, such monitor models are virtually not used, and working in front of a computer is no longer considered dangerous.

How is it now

From May 1, 2017, the provision on reducing the working time of pregnant women in front of the computer to 4 hours will cease to apply. The entry into force that expectant mother can work a maximum of 8 hours. She has a 10-minute break for every hour, which is twice as much as any employee who works in front of a computer and is not pregnant.

It is worth noting that new laws do not allow a woman to leave early at work. Breaks cannot be cumulated and used to reduce work.

The provisions coming into force include all pregnant, even those who are currently pregnant and have shorter working hours before May.

What do you think about change? A plus On the minus?