You have a child? You will live longer

You have a child? You will live longer

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There is justice in this world. This is evidenced by the results of researches of scientists presented in this post that people with children live longer. In other words, the effort put into childcare, upbringing, getting up at night, stress and fear for safety is appreciated by Mother Nature herself.

This time the research was conducted not by American but by Swedish scientists. They published the results in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Scientists have noticed that women who are mothers live on average 1.5 years longer than childless peers. For men, the difference is greater and amounts to 2 years.

Scientists analyzed data of people born between 1911 and 1925. The risk of death was calculated for each of 725,000 women and each of 705,000 men each year, taking into account having at least one child or childlessness. It turned out that the impact of parenthood was particularly large in older people who needed care. Equally important, the sex of the child was not associated with risk of death, as well as whether the parents are married or not.

Researchers are of the opinion that having children is associated with greater social support, the possibility of using help when an elderly person is getting worse. In addition, it positively affects physical and mental health, because it is associated with the awareness of having a loved one next to you on whom you can rely.