Kinetic sand, piaskolin - how it works and opinions

Kinetic sand, piaskolin - how it works and opinions

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Sandbox at home? Why not. It is possible today. No mess or dirt. There is kinetic sand on the market, also called sand, which resembles sand, but it is not so. It is completely safe during play, does not dirty hands, does not stick to carpets, has a great plastic texture, which is why kids love it. You can let your two-year-old play with kinetic sand, and younger children under the care of a parent without any problems. Is it worth buying sandstone?

What is kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand it is not loose, it does not dry like classic sand. In appearance, it resembles classic sand, but it feels a little different, more plastic, it does not break down so easily, it holds the form we give it.

Kinetic sand is made of real sand combined with a special polymer, which gives it the expected consistency. In this way, you could get a consistency between plasticine and sand, quite interesting to the touch. Some compare it to dough, but the kinetic sand has a looser formula.

The sand does not dry out, so you can play with it endlessly.

How to have fun

There are many different products from well-known manufacturers on the market. Everyone allows similar fun, reminiscent of that in the sandbox. The basic sets contain sand in a classic color and additional containers with colored sand.

In addition, the set includes accessories for building towers, castles, figures, animals, etc. from sand. In addition, you can use rakes, delicate knives and rollers to shape shapes.

Usually two people use our set, but you have to admit that one could really play comfortably. Due to the size of the tray and the amount of sand - it is often necessary to demolish buildings to have material for the next construction.

Kinetic sand also for allergy sufferers

Improved sand is also great for allergy sufferers. There is no fear of giving it to toddlers who are allergic, have a rash or other skin changes. The product is actually made of almost 100% natural raw material.

We recommend for children 2-4 years old.

Price of kinetic sand - from 60 PLN depending on the set