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Second pregnancy - what is it like?

Second pregnancy - what is it like?

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It is said that a second pregnancy requires much more courage than the first. Of course, assuming it is planned and not a coincidence. Mainly because women who decide on it are aware of the consequences behind it. They still remember the sleepless nights and the degree of commitment that a small child requires. Therefore, for all these reasons, and often for many others, the decision to become pregnant is postponed, and many couples emphasize that it would be much simpler to "fall" than to decide fully consciously.

Second pregnancy: it's different

The second pregnancy is different. In many ways. Doctors who every day have contact with women expecting a child emphasize that this is due to changes in moms themselves. It is easy to assess after a simple fact. A friend of the obstetrician, to illustrate this fact, said: "A woman in the first pregnancy is usually easily awake, even when awakened at night, and she is able to determine the exact age of pregnancy to the day, mothers who are pregnant once again it is much more difficult. With subsequent pregnancies, they often confuse weeks and even months and do not attach so much importance to all dates determining the stage of pregnancy. "

What is the difference between a second pregnancy? There is also not enough time to think about the stomach as in the first. There is finally a second child on which attention needs to be focused. That is why many women say that the second pregnancy is passing faster.

Less severe symptoms?

Many women emphasize that in the second pregnancy they had a smaller problem with drowsiness, nausea, malaise. As if Mother Nature made sure that, despite the different status, you could look after the older child.

In addition, the next pregnancy is usually women are more sensitive to signals coming from the body and more quickly feel the movements of the baby growing in the stomach.


In the second pregnancy, the woman is also usually much calmer. Being a mother, he doesn't search so many guides, he doesn't browse fetal development websites that often. There are also not as many questions and doubts as in the first pregnancy, when many dates aroused anxiety and many studies combined with fear.

Now her thoughts are less about child development, but more about whether she will manage as a mother of two children and how to prepare an older toddler for the birth of a new family member.

Relationships between partners

The first pregnancy is a blissful condition that passes by mythical anticipation of the desired child. Shortly after the birth of the baby, young parents often experience shock, observe a reality that is unimaginable. They are often overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, they are going through a crisis.

Parental vision is for the second child already more real, because of this, it no longer causes disappointments as often as in the first case. Future parents are more peaceful. The man knows that a woman may be more irritable, nervous, sleepy. Can approach change with greater understanding and help in a more mature way to overcome all difficulties. He is also often more helpful in giving birth, he knows what the birthing action looks like and what to do to bring relief to the partner.

Parents in second pregnancy often learned by experience they promise themselves that in the case of the second pregnancy and the second child they will not make the same mistakes as in the first. They are usually more chill and confident that despite the difficulties they will manage. Often, however, visions far from reality are about how children will play with each other and get along well. It is not always possible to direct their education so that it is so in reality.

More dynamic

In the second pregnancy it is more difficult because the time and attention that you had in your first pregnancy just now, you have to share between yourself and the child who needs attention, interest, care, which is especially difficult, the younger the child is. It is difficult to take care not to overpower, not overtire when a toddler demands playing hide and seek, tag and hugging and also wearing.

Of course, you can propose more static games: watching books, photo albums, but it's hard to expect that even with the help of others you will have as much time for yourself and rest as you would like.

Different story

Each pregnancy may be different, although the experience of many people and studies show that if the first was gracious, the second is usually the same, and its course is often even milder. Another issue is whether the symptoms from the first pregnancy will recur in the second. Here, too, a lot depends on individual predispositions and how a woman is prepared for the second pregnancy. There is even a theory that if a woman is in a bad mental situation, has material problems or a relationship, pregnancy is more difficult. Some even say that the reason for vomiting at the beginning of pregnancy may even be the subconscious fear of the future of her and her baby.

Other stories about the first and second pregnancy are also the hope that if the first child was born by caesarean section, the second does not have to. In this respect, everything is possible. It is also not said that if breastfeeding failed at the first attempt, it will not be possible at the second attempt.

Belly is more disturbing

The abdomen in the second pregnancy is more disturbing not only because it is usually larger and faster visible, but mainly because because of having a second child in the second pregnancy a woman is most often more active, co is especially noticeable when not much time has passed between the pregnancies.

In the second pregnancy there is usually a bigger problem with breathing and many women complain that it is harder to lose extra kilos.

Easier delivery

Of course, this is not the rule, but statistically the second delivery is easier and shorter. This is why, on his occasion, gynecologists recommend going to the hospital already at the first contractions, and not like the first pregnancy wait for the development of labor at home.

The experience of many mothers confirms that the second delivery takes less time. Many even emphasize that if they didn't hurry they would not have time to get to the delivery room. On the other hand, gynecologists emphasize that if a woman gives birth more than eight years apart, this rule does not apply and should be treated as a birthright.

These are still statistics. First delivery statistically lasts from 12-14 hours, while the second one about 8 hours. This is because the "cervix has some memory" and expands faster than during the first delivery, it is often shortened and widened even before labor begins. In addition, the woman herself has knowledge of how to push. Therefore, the second stage of delivery, which usually lasts about an hour during the first pregnancy, only 20 minutes during the second. Unfortunately, if the child is larger or is in the wrong position, even if it is the next delivery, it does not mean that it will be shorter than the first delivery.

Questions may raise crotch incision. If a woman had a crotch incision at the first delivery, does it have to be like this at the second delivery? The answer gives hope that this will not be necessary. Especially because the vaginal tissues are usually more stretchable and thanks to this you can give birth without additional interference. Especially when at the first delivery it was not decided to cut.

About time

Doctors emphasize that the tendency to give birth after delivery or pre-term delivery is usually observed with several pregnancies of the same woman. In other words: when a woman gave birth in the first pregnancy usually has an impact on when she gives birth in the next. Although there are also statistical data (which is again not the rule!) That the second delivery usually takes place slightly earlier than the first.

And how was it with you? Are you ahead of the second child? Have you ever had a second pregnancy? Share your experiences!