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Angels from the salt mass step by step - some inspiring ideas

Angels from the salt mass step by step - some inspiring ideas

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There is no better time to prepare decorations from salt mass than the pre-Christmas period. On the other hand, angels from the salt mass are great as a gift on many occasions: baptism, birthday, first communion. Often they are handed out for good luck, so you should learn a few tricks that will allow you to prepare them yourself at home. Here are inspiring ideas on how to prepare angels from salt mass - below are various designs + angels with the name. Get inspired and invite children to play together!

Angels from salt mass: recipe

The first step to prepare angels is to mix all the ingredients needed to create original decorations. For this we will need:

  • a glass of flour,
  • a glass of salt
  • 125 ml of water

Knead all the ingredients well so that a homogeneous mass is formed. While molding from the salt mass, it is worth adding the flour to the workplace.

Salt angels should be dried in the oven. The most common temperature is recommended 100 degrees. The drying time depends on the size of the decoration. You must book a minimum two hours.

Before painting, make sure that the mass is dry. It's best to choose for painting well covering acrylic paints - they are durable and do not clash with painted decorations like poster paints, which are also important light resistant.

Angels from salt mass step by step

In the video below you can watch the preparation of angels from salt mass step by step, starting from gluing and cutting out the necessary elements, by baking the prepared shape, and ending with painting the figurines.

You can find another pattern and how to prepare the ornament in the video below. If you want salt angels to hang on the Christmas tree, do not forget about the holes before putting the mass in the oven.

A paper clip can also be used as a pendant, as in the following presentation ...

An angel from salt mass can be decorated with the name of the person we want to give him. Instructions on how to do it, below.

Which angels from the salt mass do you like the most? Or maybe you know other interesting ideas for this type of decorations? Do you like playing with salt mass with children?