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A 24-week-old child survived the abortion. After dying for an hour, he died

A 24-week-old child survived the abortion. After dying for an hour, he died

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Words are not enough. Outrage - also. What happened will not be reversed. Too late.

The unsuccessful termination of pregnancy occurred from Sunday to Monday (as reported by, among others,, when the mother and the mother-in-law went to the hospital to abort a six-month-old fetus.

A 700-gram child, according to Telewizja Republika, had an abortion. According to the law, after an unsuccessful abortion, attempts to save him should be made - which is the legal and moral duty of doctors. However, for an hour, despite loud crying and shouting, no one helped the little one, nobody even tried to alleviate his pain, as a result of which the child died in terrible torment.

Employees of the Holy Family hospital facility in Warsaw were to be terrified to comment anonymously that they would not forget this scream for the rest of their lives.

According to a hospital spokeswoman, as we learn from the materials of Telewizja Republika, the law has not been violated. The conditions for terminating pregnancy have been met. According to medical records, the child probably had Down syndrome. The spokeswoman adds that she is not afraid of announcing the case to the prosecutor's office.

The "SOS Defense of a conceived Life" foundation plans to submit a notification to the prosecutor's office about the crime. The case needs to be investigated.

The Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw was a hospital about which the headmaster was Bogdan Chazan, a high-profile opponent of abortion, who because of his views and refusal to terminate pregnancy was dismissed from his position in 2014.