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Smoking during pregnancy. Shocking photos

Smoking during pregnancy. Shocking photos

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Everyone is master of his life. They say. Don't meddle, think about yourself. Theoretically, the advice is great, but only until you see that a small child is being hurt, when you have a pregnant mother in front of your eyes, then you start to hesitate. Or maybe pay attention, say something? Do I have the right to do so? After all, you can't just hurt an unborn child! Or maybe a child's mother can do anything because it's her child? Even if I say something, he won't listen to me anyway ...

I thought so, but one day, when a "pregnant" smoking woman "advanced" in front of my eyes, I tried to do more than turning my head away from the problem. Culturally, politely, with a slight embarrassment that I dared, I noticed.

I felt strange with it and I was throwing myself out why, after all, I shouldn't feel uncomfortable.

And I thought that the lady in advanced pregnancy, when she looked into my eyes, would put out a cigarette, get over the addiction that she would be stupid. I didn't delude myself that my intervention would make me never ignite again. I just hoped he would think it over again.

Unfortunately, I was very wrong - I was razed to the ground. The reaction of the future mother was aggressive and unambiguous. I had my advice ... I know where. I lost this time. Just as he loses many social actions and photos, such as those that probably do not go where they should be. It's a pity, because ... children suffer from it.

Fetus of mothers who smoke indicate that something is wrong

According to US Centers for Disease Control, ten percent of pregnant women smoke cigarettes in the last three months of pregnancy. Data from Poland, presented by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, are even worse - as many as 38% of women should smoke pregnant cigarettes. The statistics are scary, right?

Especially since so much is said about the harmfulness of nicotine at this particular time ...

Researchers at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom decided to look at the problem of smoking during pregnancy from a different perspective than was previously done. They analyzed the effects of nicotine on fetal behavior - its movements and behavior in the mother's abdomen. For this purpose, they used modern ultrasound apparatus.

Researchers conducted studies on pregnant mothers who smoked.

It turned out that their children touched their faces 59% more often and 69% more often touched their bodies than babies of non-smoking mothers did.

Researchers speculate that the increase in the frequency at which children touch their faces and bodies may be related to fetal stress. These additional movements, according to researchers, are intended to confirm the negative effects of nicotine and toxins from cigarettes on fetal development. The baby, when his mother smokes, is clearly worried and behaves atypically.

Are the above photos of the unborn child poisoned by toxins from cigarettes give food for thought? Will pregnant women who smoke when they look in the eyes of their son or daughter find strength and determination to quit the addiction?