Ways to make difficult burns - when nothing works

Ways to make difficult burns - when nothing works

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Burns in infants can appear in many areas on the body. They are associated with the gluteal zone, but they can also occur in other places - under the arms, in the groins, between the toes. Are there any methods for difficult burns? How to deal with them at home? Or maybe you should immediately go to a pediatrician for a good prescription ointment?

Burns not only in summer and not only in newborns

Burns can happen not only in the summer. Contrary to appearances, the skin dangerously reds even in winter, for example, when the toddler stays longer with a wet or soiled diaper, for example, on a walk or during a long trip in the fresh air. It happens that there is nowhere to change the baby, and the aura does not allow undressing in the pram. When a toddler is particularly exposed to burns, it takes a moment for a problem to arise. In addition, in the winter the baby gets sick more often, there are infections that increase the risk of getting a burn.

There is also the view that burns are more common in the youngest children, such as newborns. However, this is not true at all. Statistically, most skin problems of this type occur between nine and twelve months of age.

What do burns look like?

Burns in infants and children are easily identified. The parent has no problem to notice that the skin looks different. Changes are there red, inflamed, may be moist or dry.

Most often, burns appear in folds in the skin where the skin may rub against the skin - that's why they occur in the groin, armpits, as well as between the toes, or even in the folds of the neck in the youngest children.

If the burns are not treated successfully, they can turn into something more serious. Often there is a development of yeast or bacteria - leakage of yellow spots, pus, which may be accompanied by a fever.

Ways to get difficult burns - what to do?

Of course, it is best to prevent sore than to treat them, but when they appear, you must act quickly and effectively. It will work:

  • keeping the child clean and dry, taking care to change the diaper on a regular basis and prevent irritation of the delicate skin,
  • pay attention to how the scalded area is cleaned. The best baby wipes are those without unnecessary additives, above all odorless and non-alcoholic, and it is best if gentle soap and water are used in their place,
  • experienced moms recommend washing the rinse area with soda water - combine two heaped spoons with one glass of water. Then we allow the solution to remain on the skin, do not wash it, do not rub it, giving soda to work.
  • whenever possible, let the baby rest and take off the diaper, fresh air heals irritations,
  • to strengthen the skin you can use too lanolin, which soothes and regenerates. It works especially at night,
  • use a sore cream before putting on a diaper. Let it be a preparation designed for this. It is important to apply it carefully, applying a thin layer and grease it thoroughly.
  • bathe the child in water with purified salt.

If the skin condition does not improve within three days, you should see a pediatrician for stronger specifics.