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What do vaccination reactions really look like?

What do vaccination reactions really look like?

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When we go with a child for vaccination, we are informed that a slight swelling may appear at the injection site. The doctor also talks about low fever or irritability. They are rarely presented to us more serious effects that are spoken of aloud we have children who have experienced them. Many are directly alarming and asking for strengthening their message strength.

It is impossible to list all cases in one article. Examples below are worth keeping in mind. They happen more often than indicated by official, underestimated statistics.

Swelling at the injection site

The vast majority of children after receiving the vaccine do not have serious side effects, and certainly there are those that are visible to the "naked eye". Sometimes, however, it's different ...

"Small" swelling at the injection site can be quite large ... and not disappear for weeks.

"Daughter - currently 4 years.
Vaccinated 5 in 1, swelling at the puncture site after each vaccination, redness with clear borders, hot limb for 5 weeks. According to doctors, "this is normal". "Nothing more" happened. Vaccination with MMR, on the sixth day, a 40-degree fever for 3 days, followed by a patch of patches all over the body, including the scalp between the hair and soles of the feet, then enlarged lymph nodes for 5 weeks. "It's nothing". It was her last vaccination. "

Reaction after MMR vaccination at 13 months of age - measles vaccine

"Little Ania endured all vaccinations well. Until MMR. 4.08.2015 got the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) - Priorix. Three days later have a rash which quickly disappeared. A week after vaccination Ania she got a fever and again a rash has appeared. Ania got an Antibiotic, after which there was no improvement. 4 days later the antibiotic was changed. In addition, he occurred hand paresis lasting for several hourswhich luckily passed quickly. 24.08. was diagnosed with Ania pneumonia. At the end of August she went to the hospital. A series of tests was conducted, doctors did not hide that they were dealing with vaccine measles. Ania would be discharged from the hospital, but the fever and rash appeared and disappeared. Doctors suspected immune system disease - Kawasaki. Ania was taken to the Children's Health Center, where she was further diagnosed. In the meantime she caught nosocomial bacteria and nosocomial pneumonia. She got another third antibiotic. Blood results worsened, Ania developed anemia, 17/09. she had blood transfusions, after which she got the fourth antibiotic !! Again a fever appeared, the doctors decided to give an immunoglobulin against Kawasaki. Ania also got it steroids and aspirin began to vomit. After a series of immunoglobulins, petechia appeared on the arms and legs of Ania (pictures underneath).

Vaccinate measles

Problem reporting NOPs after vaccination

We have 25.09. Cancer is still being diagnosed in CZD. Petechia are fading. Doctors think about taking a skin biopsy and taking a bone marrow for testing. What else awaits our Cancelka ?? One vaccination and Ania's life turned into a fight against an unknown disease that doctors find difficult to diagnose. "

"My daughter after vaccination with Euwax B at the age of 3 months she suffered from apnea attacks with bruising. The incident repeated itself twice. First time 13 days after vaccination, second time a week after the first and apnea. She was taken by ambulance to the district hospital. After 3 days they sent us home. The second time we were in the hospital. Children's Hospital prof. dr. J. Bogdanowicz. All tests done: healthy child. Secretly, it was suggested that the child might do so after the vaccine ... Of course, in the papers no mention (only further vaccinate).

One month after vaccination, the child fell ill Kawasaki disease (we got a 3 month vaccine release). So during the month we were in the hospital three times. In the end we went to our clinic, to report to NOP. Mr. dr did not know what NOP is (I used the abbreviation), after explaining, showing the documentation from the hospital and apologizing that I was only coming with it, because all the time in heels, the doctor took care of it. After submitting the papers to the poviat sanitary officer, we stated that they did not know how to register NOPs and told the doctor to call Chief Sanitary Inspector in Warsaw. Warsaw said that "BETTER" should not report this, because it was a long time ago and in total a doctor should report who first saw the child after apnea (in the poviat hospital). So even if a parent wants to report NOP in Poland, it is impossible ... that's why such a small percentage is reporting "


"My son had weak immunity from the beginning. When he was 2 months we got to the hospital because of lactose intolerance and azs. Steroids and antibiotics were given because the little one got sick in the ward. He developed beautifully up to 13 months ... He talked a lot, understood and was curious about the world. When Julek finished 13 months, we went for the MMR vaccine. Julek fell asleep shortly after leaving the clinic. He slept 7 hours, did not even wake up to food. A few days later, Julek was no longer the same ... He had fun differently, he stopped talking, he did not look at us, he did not greet his father when he returned from work, there was a selectivity of food and many other then strange things for me ... I did not report it anywhere, as a young mother I was green in the subject. At the age of two, the child was diagnosed with childhood autism. I am 100% sure that it is because of MMR. We will have a 4-patch balance and a mandatory vaccine soon. "

The official position is this - measles / vaccination rubella occurs, but extremely rarely. Healthcare professionals say it's a 'one in a million situation'. In addition, most experts believe that vaccines do not cause autism. Parents of children who have suffered vaccination think differently. Like many specialists who have thoroughly learned the subject.

And you, what are your views? Are vaccines effective? Or are they dangerous?

All photos and descriptions of parents' experiences are from the FB profile. My child's reactions to vaccination - published with the consent of the administrator.