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Children drown in silence ... Most often in front of their guardians

Children drown in silence ... Most often in front of their guardians

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Drowning is in second place on the list of causes of fatal accidents among children under 15 years of age. Every year, hundreds of children drown in Poland, 40-50 people die in this aura-friendly weekend.

You can drown while being an efficient swimmer.

Most often it kills us self-confidence and bravado, and a false sense of security. Misfortunes happen in front of parents who can't see that something is happening they live in the conviction created by the media that a drowning person waves his hands violently and screams loudly.

However, it is quite different - sinking in an intuitive way tries to stay above the water and is not able to make a meaningful sound or call for help. The respiratory system, as the name implies, was created for breathing - this is its basic function.

When the fight for air is underway, the child is not able to shout and call for help. Therefore, if you are in doubt as to whether someone is drowning, it is worth shouting to him asking if everything is OK, if he does not answer, it means that it is bad and you should call for help.

The statistics are scary. It is estimated that about half of drowning children or adults drown within 20 meters of their nearest and dearestwho are unaware of the gravity of the situation. In one-tenth of the cases a guardian he was staring at the drowning victim, but he had no idea that she was drowning (!). He saw no babbling, no sudden movements, no screams - because there are usually no such!

That is why it is so important not to let your child out of the water for longer than 10 seconds. It doesn't matter how deep the toddler is in the pool or running right next to the lake / river bank - an infant can drown in a few centimeters of water. And this unfortunately happens. There are known cases of drowning children whose parents slept next to them on a sun lounger or were looking after a younger child.

Warning signals that something is wrong may be:

  • silence - when children were playing loudly before, screaming, laughing, and then fell silent, this can signal problems,
  • absent, cloudy vision
  • closed eyes,
  • staying upright,
  • attempts to lie on your back,
  • mouth at the surface of the water and head above water,
  • head tilted back with strongly open mouth,
  • hair falling into the eyes.

Unfortunately, even when parents perceive danger, they often can't help. They believe that in case of a problem they will help, but lack of proper training and swimming on an unguarded beach can be deadly. It is not enough to be able to swim to get a drowning person out of the water.

The drowning person goes under water within 20-60 seconds. It's really a moment! A moment that is easily overlooked.

Remember - water is an element. Do not take your children out of sight when they are bathing. Stay alert / alert. Don't swim alone - there should always be a second person next to you. Don't swim under the influence of alcohol (half of the drowned people had alcohol in their blood). Choose guarded places for bathing. When in doubt if everything is all right, shout, ask. If you don't hear the answer, alert and call for help.


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