Kristina Pimenova - the most beautiful girl in the world?

Kristina Pimenova - the most beautiful girl in the world?

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For each parent, the most beautiful child in the world is his personal daughter or son, which does not change the fact that this nine-year-old Russian was considered the most beautiful and already enjoys the title of supermodel today.

She took part in the first session when she was four years old. Today she is the recognized youngest professional in modeling, enjoying incredible sympathy. Over 3 million people like her profile on Facebook. She has contracts with fashion houses such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana or Armani, her face was also adorned with the cover of "Vogue".

The girl's career is guarded by her mother - Glikerija Shirokova, who was once a model herself.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes the girl's career. Very often there are comments on social media that her mother deprives Kristina of her childhood, that her photos are food for pedophiles.

And what do you think about it?

Career after all, or maybe just taking advantage of the opportunity and playing according to the rules of the fashion world? Who's right?