12th week of pregnancy

12th week of pregnancy

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With the entry into the second trimester the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases. Most unpleasant pregnancy symptoms also pass. That's why there is simply something to enjoy, because this is the last week of the first trimester!

The second trimester is considered the best time in pregnancy, when the expectant mother enjoys a better mood, has more energy and a desire to actively spend every day. The tummy is already nicely outlined, but it is not big enough to interfere with the activities performed. Therefore, keep your head up and make the most of this time!


He already has a child 5-6 cm, a head circumference is 6 cm. The toddler weighs 18 grams. It's more size medium fresh plum.

The developing child is already a small man. They are already formed at this stage sexual characteristicsthat let you know if the fetus is a boy or girl. In girls, ovaries begin to develop, and in boys abdominal cavities develop testicles, which then go down to the scrotum.

The head and the rapidly developing brain make up half the body length. A child too makes chest movementsduring which amniotic fluid flows into the lungs and then flows out of them. Also new at this stage is the start urine output and the ability to swallow amniotic fluid. On tiny hands and feet they develop nail beginnings.
The child can easily move in the amniotic fluid, but it is still small enough that you will not feel its movements.

In addition, the toddler's digestive system trains peristaltic movements, enabling the movement of food. Bone marrow is already producing at this stage white blood cells. The pituitary gland is already producing hormones.


The uterus is still growing. The bottom is already above the pubic bone. You can certainly boast now - if not in front of the world, then standing in front of the mirror - a small tummy. Your body is rounding. The breasts are already clearly enlarged.

You can observe that heart beats faster. Do not worry. Most often there is nothing to worry about. The body simply adapts to the fact that you are pregnant and pumping blood with increased strength.

What is worth remembering?

Don't be persuaded to even a glass of wine (Read: pregnant alcohol). Remember that it won't hurt you, but your child will. Even a small amount of alcohol penetrates into the toddler's blood and stays there twice as long as in your bloodstream.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause a child's alcohol syndrome. It makes children born smaller (check what to do not to give birth to a child with a low birth weight). With some physical and psychological delays, and in the future they have a problem with concentration and show less ability to learn.

From mom's diary

It's weird to think about it, but unfortunately you can't do it: I think. We are close to the magic border when miscarriage is no longer so likely, which is why we think a lot about how to tell our loved ones about our different state. So far, we have managed to keep the pregnancy secret. At the cost of a few lies, why I don't drink, why I'm tired, why I don't taste the unfortunate chicken, etc.

With my husband we decided to go to the parents with the first photo of the baby. We closed the USG printout in an envelope and decided to announce the happy news at the end of the week.

There were many reactions to our message. I think they told us more about our family and friends than we have been able to learn about them throughout our entire lives. From joyful and spontaneous jumping in joy, through disbelief, significant grunts and unhurried congratulations, and ending with a quick transition to another topic. Now, not only we know that I am pregnant, she also knows the whole world (including the neighbor from the opposite. As she knows, she really knows the whole world).

From dad's diary

I don't have to hide my wife being pregnant anymore. And very good, because to be honest I was afraid that it would slip away in the end.

Now I can go for a beer and fail! Umbilical falls off, I can hardly imagine celebrating when she will be sore lying alone with the baby after delivery ... Let my friends have something of me now ...;)

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