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My child hates me ...

My child hates me ...

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I love you, mommy, I love you, daddy - I think so the most beautiful wordsthat a parent can hear from his child. We often wait for these words. They they give us strength for every day struggle with everyday life and alleviate all family conflicts. It is hard to get angry at a toddler when we see this endearing smile and hear such a declaration of love. But what if instead the child declares that he ... hates us?

Recently, being on a walk with my son, I heard a conversation ... A young woman was discussing with someone on the phone. She spoke loudly, with joy and enthusiasm. He is gesturing. She looked very happy. She informed her interlocutor about - as she expressed - one of the most beautiful days in her life. She passed the driving test? Won in the lottery? Or maybe she got her dream job? No, none of these things. "He hugged me for the first time! You believe? Sam came over and put his head on my lap. It was beautiful… ". As it turned out, she talked about her less than a year old son, who in this way showed her feelings. Someone will say: great thing for me, he hugged. And he will probably be right, this is not an ambitious achievement. Maybe he did it unconsciously and no intentions should be attributed to it. Maybe. However, for a parent, each, even those trivial and seemingly small steps in the development of their child, grow to the rank of success. He grabbed the rattle himself, smiled for the first time, said "bye", ate a piece of apple with his hands, took the first step, fastened together two blocks, etc. - all this raises joy and pride in parents. We try to show our children a lot of love and tenderness, support them and take care of them. That is why it is sometimes difficult for us to understand their behavior. It is not easy to pass by indifferently to the shouted words: I do not love you, mother!

First: understand

Janusz Korczak, a well-known doctor and pedagogue, wrote in his "Your child's appeal": "Don't worry too much when I say that I hate you. I do not hate you, but the restrictions you set for me. "

Small children often they can easily say words that can hurt. There are many reasons for this.

Sometimes they check our patience, they are interesting, how will we react they do it for fun, out of spite or wanting to attract attention. Often, simply they can't show their emotions in any other way.